Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Disneyland pics part three

me, mom, savannah, griffin, julie, alyssa and brandon in line for the rockets

me and brittany (and julie too) just inside the front gates


mimi and gumpy

same "characters" in front of the giant tree

me, shane and julie's rear end while she gets "cousins" pics

nancy, brandon, me, alyssa, mimi and gump on the winnie the pooh ride

griffin waiting to go on astro blasters!

my mom's awesome perspective on the giant tree

More Disneyland pics

ok, i completely hijacked these from my sister in law! the castle at night

haunted mansion~"the nightmare before christmas" style!

allison and brandon

shane's brother andy and his wife julie

andy, julie, brandon and allison!

griffin and allison~buddies!

my mother in law nancy and my sister in law julie in line at the matterhorn

me and julie!

nancy and mike (shane's dad)

andy, cassandra and shane

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Our Disneyland Christmas Part One

To the side of the front gates, the train station looked gorgeous! The lights were unbelievable, the Mickey head out front was made out of poinsettias in different colors.

The Christmas tree was breathtaking! The ornaments were HUGE!

Main Street never looked better!

The wreaths were gorgeous and very sparkly!

Cousins! L to R: Griffin, Alyssa, Savannah, Brandon (my nephew), Cassandra and Allison (my niece)

The castle during the day...at night it looked like beautiful blue ice was all over it

Shane and Griffin in front of the castle

Some good kids with the "Bad" guys

Our Princess Lunch at Ariel's Grotto was a huge hit!

I made my sister Brittany get in this picture since Sleeping Beauty was her favorite princess when she was little. Or, as Brittany used to call her "Seeping Booty"

My Sis

Some monsters escaped from the Monsters Inc ride!


The Jack Skellington doll in the coffin was the favorite gift for all my big kids!

cousins at lunch. Griffin got a set of the keys from Pirates of the Caribbean

Alyssa is lovin' her new Minnie Mouse phone!

Griffin and Nancy on the new Toy Story ride!

Griffin and Nancy sportin' their cool 3D glasses!

Savannah was my partner on the ride :)

Cassandra outside of Soarin' Over California

Savannah and her "Sally" doll from The Nightmare before Christmas

Alyssa outside Soarin' Over California

Cassandra and Brandon chillin' while waiting

Savannah and Alyssa

Brandon borrowed Cassandra's Jack -N- Sally hat :)


We had an amazing Christmas vacation! We arrived at Disneyland on the 23rd. We had our family, my parents, sister, Shane's dad, stepmom, Shane's brother, wife and kids with us! The decorations at Disney for the holidays are as outstanding as you would imagine. I wish I could hire a Disney person to come decorate my home for holidays!

We had some wonderful meals together at the Grand Californian Hotel and at the Ariel's Grotto princess lunch. Griffin was very brave this year and rode (for the first time) Indiana Jones, Splash Mtn, Soarin' Over California. Cassandra convinced her dad and her Papa (Shane's dad) to ride California Screamin' ( a 'coaster that goes upside down) as well as Splash Mtn and Space Mtn. We also rode our old favorites, Pirates of the Caribbean, Jungle Cruise, Haunted Mansion (all decked out in the Nightmare Before Christmas style), Winnie the Pooh, Buzz AStro Blasters, Nemo, Monsters Inc, Muppets 3D Show, Toy Story, Peter Pan, Rockets, Snow White and some I have forgotten!

All the kids (and grown up kids) did great and had a blast. We were very lucky to get to be together on the trip :)