Sunday, June 15, 2014

Disneyland part TWO :)

 Waiting in Cars Land
 The best kind of family picture :)
 Aunt Julie's first time on California Screamin' but Cassandra is an "old pro."
Shane (waving) and Griffin (his first time!)
Another successful Disney trip and a wonderful kick off to summer break! They never saw it coming and I'll never forget how excited they were. <3 p="">

Disneyland Surprise Part ONE!

We pulled off the biggest of all surprises! After MONTHS of planning, dodging curve balls in scheduling for the last day of school ( we received last min notice that all of the kids were getting academic awards and special awards on the LAST DAY!)Thankfully, our schools rock and they moved our kids to the front of the award line so they could be done in time for us to leave town on time! We arrived at each of the 3 schools midday and picked the kids up. They were under the impression they were having an epic sleepover with their aunt/uncle/cousins to celebrate the end of school. Shane and I had packed and dropped off our suitcases at their aunt and uncle's house so that none of them would be suspicious of the luggage. Upon arriving at Uncle Andy and Aunt Julie's house, each of the kids was given a bag with 2 things...first being a small Disney themed stuffed toy and 2nd, a Disney gift card. On the back of each card was a word and when each kid read theirs in sequence it said...

After much screaming, disbelief and one pissed off kid because she didn't want to miss a sleepover with her cousins...we were on the road!
Don't worry, it only took Alyssa about 15 min to get over the attitude because she really realized that her cousins would be at Disneyland also! This scheduling phenomenon had not happened since Christmas of 2009!
So, without further are our pictures!
 These are the little bags of love containing our surprise! WOOOO
 Still a little dazed but ready to go!
 We have arrived :) Dinner at the Grand Californian Hotel~Storyteller Cafe
 We "grown ups" are just as excited!
 We broke tradition and rode Indian Jones first.
 Cassandra and B, they rode many rides together on this trip.
 Andy, Savannah and Shane waiting for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. The refurb was worth it, what an awesome ride!
 Alyssa joins the party ;)
 The kids were pretty blah about all the princesses except this one, check out Brandon's face!!!!!! He looks like he just landed the "catch" of the day! (See what I did there?)
 We waited 60 min for Dumbo. Never again...well, not until I have grandchildren ;)
 My and my Cubby flying high!
Alyssa and Sully. I FINALLY got this kid on the horse drawn trolly after almost 7 years of her visiting Disneyland. Whew, cross that one off the bucket list!