Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas Day 2013

Ok, so maybe I am in a push to get these holiday pics posted because January 1st is looming over my head, LOL!!!

Here are Christmas day pics. We had a great day! I was up before the kids, I had the candles lit, coffee on, music on, camera ready!!! Savannah was the next one up. We sat and drank coffee and talked about the piles of presents, she wanted to guess on what she thought things were. We talked about my grandma and how much she loved Christmas and how she shopped a list like EVERYTHING on it HAD to be bought. She didn't use a list as something to "pick from" she used it like a grocery shopping list that had to be bought in total completion. She just wanted everyone to have everything they wanted...she had a true spirit of giving for the holidays.

We talked about Mike and the fun things he did on the holidays. I know that his holidays growing up were not what we gave the kids now. It was fun to watch him become a kid again with his grandkids.  I like watching Shane be a kid again too ;) There is something very attractive about watching him shed the (over) maturity he carries every single day and just cut loose, be playful.

Once Griffin came down at 7:00 am, we went ahead and woke the rest of the crew. It was a frenzy of wrapping paper and smiles. Everyone seemed very happy and very grateful for what they received. For the first time in about 5 years, we hosted Christmas dinner. It was SO NICE to be home for Christmas day. My parents, sister/Elijah and Elijah's parents all came over for more presents and dinner. What a wonderful BUSY day!!

So, without delay, pictures!

Christmas Eve

Believe it or not, I actually started a great post on Christmas Eve! I just never finished it, so here I am..starting over!

We had a really lovely Christmas Eve with Shane's brother & his family and our mother in law. She brought over mexican food and a wonderful candy cane brownie dessert!

We all opened presents and then stuffed ourselves while we shared stories about Shane's dad and how we missed him. I sure did miss Christmas Eve at their house, the fireplace, the dinner around that big dining room table...Mike running outside to shake the jingle bells in the dark for the kids.

So, before I completely turn into a puddle of emotion here...how about some pics? You can click them to see them bigger *giggle*


 Xmas eve..before aunt/uncle/gma and cousins arrive!

 Christmas eve gifts...round ONE
 My babies and their cousins, Brandon & Allie

 My amazing sister in law, Julie
 Shane's sassy brother, Andy ;)

 Our gift to the kids...Disney Infinity for their Wii

 Christmas eve night..Santa left a message! Looks like the reindeer liked the carrots (Or Santa?)
 Left to Right: Cassandra, Savannah, Griffin & Alyssa

Nice job on the kick ass antique vanity for Cassandra :) That Santa, he knows everyone!