Wednesday, April 6, 2016

March and April 2016

March flew by! We had a wonderful spring break :) We spent the first week relaxing and doing some spring cleaning. The second week we spent 4 days in Pinetop! The weather was gorgeous, we swam daily, did some very light walking (I was keeping a close eye on Shane's recovering ankle!) and fishing. We had a killer game of Horseopoly, Shane is so cutthroat when he plays that game! It was really relaxing and made me realize how much we needed that as a family. We had not traveled since the previous summer which is not like us but Shane's ankle had been so bad...I'm just so glad he's back to feeling and moving so well.

Easter was always throws me off when it's so early! We had our 3rd annual Italian Easter (as Shane's step mom calls it) at Buca Di Beppos. My parents, my sister, Shane's brother/wife/family and my sister in law's parents came to dinner. We had a wonderful time and ate entirely too much!

We are back at school, testing is throughout the month of April and then Cassandra and Savannah will have final exams in May. Never ending testing...pisses me off! I feel so bad for kids today, it feels like all the teachers are pushed to do is test and teach for tests. We need change, fast!

Cassandra is doing great with her driving, she's logging the hours like crazy! Work is going well for her and she's keeping up her grades too, score!

Savannah is excited for the upcoming Comic Con in June :) Griffin is looking into basketball camp for a couple of weeks this summer. Alyssa is excited for the Alton Brown show in May, Comic Con in June and possible drawing lessons this summer ;) I'm just looking forward to NOT driving to all our schools and sitting in line every day! HA

I won't bore with more typing...let's roll some pics!

 Griffin, Mimi and Gumpy at the Irish 4 K
 Spring Break camp out :)
 I fancied up the front porch for Easter
 Cuddling Griffin on the drive to Pinetop
 Breakfast at Darbi's Cafe
 Savannah and I opted to snuggle on the picnic blanket while the others fished
 Remember when her favorite show was "River Monsters" and every sentence began with "Jeremy fished....."
 Hot tub cuties!
 Permit time, CLEAR THE ROADS

Easter egg fun