Sunday, September 29, 2013

Shane's High School Reunion

This weekend has been Shane's 20 year HS reunion. Friday night was the GHS Homecoming game. We took the kids with us, walked them around the school. What a strange feeling walking into a place you have not set foot inside of for over 20 years! I mean, that really was a feeling I have not experienced. We showed them our hang out spots, our kissing spots, some of the classrooms we remembered. Shane and I met in an Agriculture class, our teacher was Mr. B. He was there Friday night, looking pretty much the same only with grey hair. The game was fun, people watching is always a highlight. As it turns out, GHS won that night. Something they never managed to do for my homecoming or Shane's.

Saturday night was the dinner/slide show evening. It was nice getting dressed up to go out as that doesn't happen too often ;) I had some mild anxiety about the evening, you never know how these things will go. I have to say, at a 20 year reunion people seem genuinely more interested in just seeing their old classmates rather than convincing people they are masters of the universe. Don't get me wrong, there were definitely some "characters" there but overall, everyone was just friendly.  Even though it was not my graduating class, I did know or at least recognize a handful of people. I enjoyed catching up and hearing how they are, where they've been and about their families :)  I was very glad to finally meet some of Shane's friends from elementary school. He went to a very small school that was kinder to 8th grade. I know some of those people meant a lot to him. It was really cute to see him remember back that far and to hear others tell things they remembered about him.  The people in charge did a beautiful job with picking the location, the details and the slideshow. I think even Shane will agree that the music selection took you right back to 1993.

I guess there is a small part of me now regretting not going to my 20 year reunion last year. Perhaps I worried too much about all the reasons not to go and should have focused on the 1 or 2 reasons TO go. I have always said that the best part of high school for me was finding Shane...since I took him with me, there was really no reason to go back. I still fully feel that way but now having been to Shane's reunion,  I realize that maybe the 30 year won't be such a bad idea ;)

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Bring on Fall :)

Well here we are, teetering on the cusp of birthday-palooza! Our birthday rush season starts in September with my dad & Griffin. We have no less than two birthdays a month to either host or attend for family through February. No joke!!!

My dad's birthday is tomorrow, we are celebrating today at Benihana's. That is a great place to have dinner with kiddos, their eyes are glued on the chef the whole time! I am pretty excited to get to dinner ;)

Griffin's birthday is September 24th. He will be 10. My little bub is getting so big! He is having a little party with a few friends and his family. He really wasn't set on a specific theme so we'll keep it low key ;) His best friend will stay for a sleepover. We leave for Disneyland 7 days later so I think he's saving up his fun requests for the trip! Smart boy!

We have been decorating and crafting for fall :) I have to say that Pinterest is a real pain in the ass! I keep seeing the cutest crafts and then I just have to try them out ;) My glitter pumpkin topiary is almost complete, I've been making faux mercury is a coffee filter wreath. I thought those sounded so lame but a friend made one and it turned out so pretty!! We'll see ;)

The kids are doing great, so happy to be almost done for fall break! I have been subbing a lot. By "a lot" I mean pretty much daily! I enjoy being busy and helpful but I am extra thankful for the upcoming break also ;) I'm also serving on the Teacher Appreciation committee at the QCMS, it's fun too!

 Not much else to report...I should dig out some pictures and post them ! Soon....

Monday, September 2, 2013

Random tidbits...

Random things....

  • If you are a woman/teenager/girl wearing a tank top that is a racer back..don't wear a regular bra. Please. Your bra straps hanging out look like complete shit. There, I said it. They make bras to go with those or wear one of those little stretchy bandeau bra thingies, they are me!
  • If you are wearing a tank top, spaghetti straps, strapless anything do not wear a t-shirt under it. I swear, this has got to be THE ugliest look. If your religion or your own modesty doesn't allow you to wear those mentioned garments...then don't wear them. They are not for you. Putting a hideous t shirt under them is ridiculous. It is the equivalent of men wearing socks with sandals. 
  • Bikinis and spandex are a privilege, not a right.
  • Pay attention to your children in stores, restaurants, etc. The dads are as guilty as the moms. When your little precious is running around, raising hell, screaming, crying, throwing a something. And before you jump on the bandwagon that precious may have some sort of issue such as autism or some other valid reason just stop. I know that. I work with kids, including kids with special needs. I never (truly) automatically assume that a kid is typical when they are acting up. I also know we've all been there. It's nap time, it's bed time, it's whatever time. I've BEEN THERE TOO! The difference is, when my kids were being class a BRATS I took them and left. I have left a grocery cart FULL at a grocery store because my 3 kids under 6 were being awful. I've left a restaurant and sat outside while the rest of the family finished so people could have peace. They don't learn how to behave if you don't teach them which includes imposing on your own precious plans to deal with what needs to be done! QUIT FINGER FUCKING YOUR PHONE and be involved with your kids!
Now is the point where some of you will sigh and say "how judgmental!" I guess there is a fine line between judgmental and just a plain old opinion. Perhaps my thoughts lie somewhere between ;)

Happy Labor Day!