Sunday, February 27, 2011

Laundry Multiplies

I am realizing something lately. In my house, laundry multiplies. Now, some of you who know me well will snicker at that comment. Your potential lack of surprise that I accuse my laundry of having sex and multiplying is adorable. Now, let's move on...

I don't hate most house chores. Honestly, I find cleaning the house theraputic. I always feel very accomplished when the job is done. I also get a lot of thinking done while I am doing it...I think I could find a way for world peace when I do my spring cleaning in March. I don't mind organizing things, scrubbing floors or purging clutter. What I DO mind is laundry.

Laundry makes me want to barf!

Sadly, I found a large jump in the amount of laundry after the 3rd child. Now, in a family of 6, it is getting uglier day by day. I used to do laundry on weekends. Now I do it at least mid week and weekend. Here is what I don't understand, Cassandra will wear the same pair of jeans 7 days a week if you let her but she changes her shirt 3 times a day if you let her. Why? I just don't get it. Of all the people in this family, Cassandra has the most clothes!

Savannah will wear the same jeans and top to school every day if you let her. I like Savannah ;) I don't LET her wear it every day but I like her way of thinking!

Griffin will only wear certain things in a certain rotation BUT if he pulls something off a hanger and changes his mind it doesn't go back on the hanger. Oh no, it goes into the hamper. I have done his mid week laundry on Wednesday. Hung it all up on Thursday. Walk in to a 3/4 full hamper on Friday. Really. Most of what is in the hamper hasn't touched his skin (in the wearable sense) but merely went from hanger to floor to hamper. I ask hime "why?" "HOW?" and get a shrug usually followed by "I didn't know how to put it back on the hanger."

Alyssa wants to wear pj's 24/7. I like her too!

Shane respects my dislike of laundry so much that he has a system in the closet. There are piles of clothes in varying stages of dirty. There is the "I wear this out back to do work" outfit that stays all week. Followed by the "I wear this when I come home from work" outfit. Next is the "Jeans for some of the week" followed by "Work shirts that didn't get food on them" and then the rest that is hanging up.

So while I know none of this is earthshattering and I know the world has bigger problems, I still find it odd that I can wash the hamper full of clothes and return the next day to more. I swear..when the lights go on in the closet you can cue the bow-chicka-wow-wow music and viola.....the hamper is full 8 hours later.

Thanks for listening.

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Wahoo! I restarted the computer and now the downloader works. Go figure! So without further delay, here are the pics....
 Alyssa and her new sparkly cast
 Cast with signatures!
 Daddy and Alyssa
 My New Dining Room Table!
 Mommy's Puppy, Bo (Great Pyrneese)
 Miss Lena (Queensland Heeler)

 This is how they sleep
 Here is my pretty, fluffy boy
Cassandra using my headphones for Itunes :)
 Savannah's Sunflower Project!


Hello everyone! I have no idea what is up with my computer but I can't get my photo card to load :( so unless you have Facebook, I can't show you pics of the puppies.

Things are rolling along here, keeping busy as usual! Alyssa gets her cast off on Wednesday. I am both excited and petrified. Right now she is safe, contained in a fiberglass cast of protection. We are supposed to be "really careful" for 3 weeks after the cast comes off and I'm not sure how I do that. I mean, ideally, I want to wrap her in bubble wrap and put her in a box but Shane says that's frowned upon. I just hope I can keep her safe and in tact so she can go back to being her old self.

Monday night Griffin has a 1st grade performance at the QC Performing Arts Center. They are doing all Disney songs, we are so excited! He's got his dress shirt, tie and pants all picked out and ready to go! He has a field trip to the Phoenix Zoo on Tuesday.

Savannah and Cassandra are doing well, not much to report really. They are just chugging along at school. Cassandra has a performance on March 11th but she says she doesn't want to go. I will have to dig a little deeper for that one, I love performances! I'm not sure what is holding her back on wanting to go other than embarassment ;)

Our school Spring Fling is Saturday. I am getting a little nuts finishing up last minute preparations. I hope it goes smoothly. I have a great team to work with but I admit I have anxiety that it will flop. I hope I am wrong!

Shane is good, keeping busy at work. He's been downtown a lot as he usually is this time of year. We are all looking forward to Spring Break in March. We are going to try to get the kids out for some day trips to Tombstone or Old Tucson. We also promised Alyssa a trip to Amazing Jakes (indoor carnival rides) when she gets her cast off. So, good things on the horizon!

The puppies are doing great. Potty training is going pretty well. Since Shane finished the backyard fencing and I can just let them out progress has been much faster. We had rain last weekend and with the mud we were back to going out on a leash which equated to many accidents in the house. Once we dried up they snapped right back into shape! They do great at night, no more getting up to take or let them out in the middle of the night.

My Mom's birthday was 2/25. She is on Coronado Island with her honey right  now! What a great way to spend your birthday :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy February!

Hello everyone! Hopefully you had a great Valentine's Day :) I did! Well, I suppose I should back up and start at the beginning since my last blog entry.

You know how I kept saying not much was going on? We changed that! Not in the way I intended but we did. February 3rd Alyssa fell off our play pony in the toy room and broke her arm, just above the elbow. She is the first of the 4 kids to break anything so this has all been new to  me. She did amazingly well aside from the xrays (positioning hurt her) and the actual casting the next day (again, bending into place). She doesn't cry about pain and she's adjusting. I admit I have a hell of a time. I want to wrap  her in a bubble and keep her safe. She does have a fantastic doctor though, he went through all my questions and concerns so I'm feeling much better.

There is a terrible upper respitory virus going around both schools (elem and middle school). Cassandra is home sick, she hasn't been this sick in about 5 years. Fever, coughing, sore throat, etc. She's been in bed every day that she's been home.  So far the other kids don't have it *knock on wood* and I'm trying to keep things clean/disinfected.

Griffin is doing great, he has a Disney Musical performance on 2/28. I am so excited! He also has a speaking part so I can't wait to see how he does. He's so brave, I never would have wanted to stand on a stage and speak in front of hundreds LOL.

Shane is good, keeping very busy. He got the backyard fenced, all the rest of our rock in place. Now he's waiting for the weather change to rip up the dirt and try grass seed again. I am thinking 3rd time is a charm! ;)

Our other big news is we got two puppies! OMG! We went on Jan 30th to look at a Queensland Heeler pup for the kids and when we arrived the breeder had a beautiful Great Pyrneese pup (3 months old, 45ish lbs) in with these 7 week old Queensland pups! So when Shane asked the kids "which one do you like?" after a few min of playing with the pups, the kids had theirs picked out and I said "I like this one." (the pyrneese) Now, I never in a million years thought we'd leave with 2 dogs but Shane just smiled and said "Ok, Mommy gets that one, kids pick out a Queensland" and that was it. The Queensland is a little girl, we named her Lena after a book series Cassandra and I are reading. She is SO cute (and that says a lot from me because I do not find Queenslands to be attractive dogs usually LOL). I named my boy Bo. His name was Bear but that just wasn't sitting well for me so I changed it :) They are doing great, potty training is much better now that we can just open the backdoor and let them out in the yard. We were up every 3 hours to walk them in the front yard but dang, it was cold at night! Anyway, they are great and I'm so thankful we got them.

I'll post pics later, I have to run and wake up Savannah and Griffin for school.