Saturday, August 31, 2013

More Pictures :)

I can't stop myself!! Here are more pictures...

 Our beautiful newly painted & redecorated wall in the entry hall!
 The vintage living room is coming together! This is our 1940's sofa, antique end tables, the start of my mercury glass collection mixed in with our beginning fall decorations ;) We are going to add some vintage chairs, faux fireplace with mantel and a kick ass sideboard to divide the room from the dining room!!

 Shane bought these cool crows and mercury glass pumpkin for me!
 We have a solid start to our gallery wall up the stairs! We are going to add some shadow boxes, wreaths, etc so it's not all just pictures (but pictures are awesome!!!)

 The inspiration for this whole room idea was Shane's antique record player that we've hauled from house to house for the last 15 years! :)
 Shane and I have an ongoing debate over who loves who more. When I saw this sign at Hobby Lobby, I had to get it! I found a place of honor in our freshly painted formal dining room! 
 View from our Living Room to the dining room! We have grey, blue and now "Garden Wall" (aka taupe) in the Dining room. I love it!
 Closer up of the wall color :)
 Better late than  never!!! 1st Day of School, July 24, 2013. Alyssa is in 1st grade!
 Griffin is in 4th grade!
 Savannah is in 6th grade!
 Cassandra is in 8th grade!!
I asked for a nice group shot and this is what Griffin gave me. I love him for always being himself. I am irritated at the fact I will never have a "NORMAL" family picture! He's such a ham!!! 

Friday, August 30, 2013


We've almost made it to September!!!!

Ahhh, the magical time of year where people in the valley of the sun are so ready for fall. The mythical season that heralds the end of ass-searing heat but  not quite the crisp, refreshing weather I remember from my childhood in Ohio. I say this as the rain is peppering down, it's a "brisk" 79 degrees outside (at 9:37pm) and there is hope for a cloudy tomorrow. The daytime high temps for next week, a fall 108. Yes, you heard me right. So how do I combat the high fall temps? I pull out all my fall decorations, light my favorite fall candles from Yankee Candle and I pretend. I celebrate the fact that we have survived another summer. We teeter on the cusp of lower temps, the joy of being outside. Coffee sipped on the back porch with my love. Cooler nights. Getting into the tahoe without swamp ass or the a/c blasting every moment we are in the vehicle. Snuggling with Shane at night without sweating our asses off!

Ahhh, Fall!

Who am I kidding. For the past 4 or 5 years the temps have still been around 105 at Griffin's birthday (Sept 24th). I am still hopeful :)  I have all my fall decorations out. I am humming Christmas songs and fully ready for the time of year that makes me the happiest! 

School is rolling along. We have been in a solid month. Grades are excellent, kids are adjusted and doing well! We are on the countdown to fall break (first 2 weeks of October) and our trip to Disneyland! I have been subbing when they need me. I have been at the elementary school, middle school and the junior high. So far, so good! I look forward to being busier as the year rolls on. Shane is doing great at work, very busy but very good! He is on a ride along tonight with a friend of ours who is a sheriff in Florence. Since it is the holiday weekend they should have some interesting things to observe ;) Shane was pretty excited!

Griffin turns 10 on Sept 24th! He has decided on a party at home since we leave for Disneyland a week after his bday. He's doing great in 4th grade, he has a wonderful teacher! Besides school he is still building legos, playing wii and trying to keep out of trouble. He is counting down the days to cooler weather so he can dust off his mini- dirt bike and get back to vroom-vrooming all over!

Savannah is doing great in 6th grade. She had to really learn some solid studying habits for tests this year. I think she has been able to skate along with lots of classroom repetition in past years for tests. Now the teachers expect more independent study as they just don't seem to have time in class to drill things they will be tested on. She has some good friends in her class and likes her teachers pretty well. She is enthralled with Dr. Who, Bones & her books. She loves David Tennant so we started watching the Broadchurch series on BBC on Wednesday night. It is our little date night :) She also has me watching the BBC Sherlock series, it's very good!  Her 12th birthday is approaching, October 29th. She's already got it all planned out, I can't wait for that party!!

Cassandra is doing awesome in 8th grade. She handles all those classes like a pro! All good grades, no complaints from us. She has a wonderful best friend, Lindsay. We love her family and having her around :)  Cassandra misses riding horses and camping but otherwise, she's hanging in and doing pretty well.

Alyssa is in 1st grade, her first year going all day. What a transition! For her and me! She's doing really well, prefers to work independently. She clings to Griffin in the mornings and he's a good sport about it. She loves it when I come volunteer in her class every week :) She keeps telling me she hopes I can sub for her class soon.

The house is coming along! We have done lots of interior painting and it looks so homey! I will show some pics now...

 Savannah's Room (paint color is called Vixen)
 Griffin's Harley orange room :)

 Alyssa's blue room :)

 Our Mickey stamped bathroom!!

Some of our Mickey heads have gems for ears!
There are more pics to come, we've painted all the upstairs living areas and the living room/formal dining room too :)