Tuesday, February 17, 2009


ok, so maybe not "wow" but it's been awhile since i've posted so here we go with the update!

all is going pretty well. we had a brief bout of a tummy virus. not everyone got it but alyssa is still getting over it even though it's been a week or so. other than that, everyone is healthy and doing great. school is scooting along. we have 11 days until our spring break. the kids get 3 weeks this year since we are taking an extra week early for vacation. my friend is a teacher and she informed me today there are only 61 days of school left in this school year! when you put it that way..it's much more exciting!

cassandra is working with her goat holly for the upcoming shows. she has one on 2/28 and a big one in april. training is going slow to be honest. i guess i never thought of my kids as "city kids" since shane and i have done so much with horses and sheep but their city-fied ways are shining through. cassandra is good on a horse but this goat thing is giving her a rough run. she's making progress but it's slow and frustrating for her most of the time. i don't see her as a goat farmer in the future!

savannah is doing great, school is going well and she's very into her reading now. she has gotten to do some riding at papa and nancy's house recently and she loves it. she tries to help cassandra w/ holly but cassandra gets territorial sometimes. :-)

griffin is great, preschool is going very well. he had a doctor appt to get his 5 yr old shots so he can be registered for kinder coming up in july. he had 5 shots to get and he was very brave. oy vey, a lot of crying but he tried his best not to. his preschool teacher tells me over and over how wonderful he is doing. he's quite the artist too. his favorite thing to do is go to my friend liz's house and ride on her tractors.

alyssa is hilarious as usual. she is still talking up a storm. she's hit some rough patches at night though. she wakes during the night some nights. she's having trouble going down on her own at night but not at naptime. i am guessing she's having some issues w/ being scared at night. we're working through it. the problem is she's so dang cute she'll tell you anything to get you to pick her up outta that crib. tonight she told me she needed a diaper change so i'd pick her up. she was so pitiful so eventually i did get her out and she snuggled daddy til she fell asleep.she's dancing a lot and telling you to "shake your boooooo-tay!"

shane is good~READY for vacation! work is busy but good overall. he's got a few level 80 characters on WOW so good there too ;-) he's got work to finish up in the back yard so we can prep for putting security fence over our 3 rail vinyl fencing. we're also buying a playset for the kids this year. he'll have that to put together even though i vote "hire someone" to do it. i'm good, keeping busy. i still babysit 5 mornings a week from about 7:15 to noon. i am also still the PTO room parent committee chairperson. i get to go on a field trip with savannah to the phoenix zoo on feb 26th. i am so excited to go.

we leave for disneyland on march 1st. i can't wait! it's been a year since we have been there and i'm all itchy to get back on pirates of the caribbean and haunted mansion! the kids are excited, shane plays disney music to get everyone in the mood. as if we need any help getting in the mood for disney.

so that's it for us for now. i hope everyone is doing great!


Monday, February 9, 2009

Traci's baby shower part deux!

more party pics

Traci's Baby Shower

tailynn striking up the band!
traci and the kids

quiet party guests LOL

games are hard sometimes!

two hot mommas

Ok peeps, i took over 30 pics at the shower i co-hosted for my friend traci and i'm not going to put all 30+ on here but here is a sampling of the party pics! my friend audrey came down from northern az to co host with me. we had a great time and traci's family was awesome!

i met my friends traci and audrey on babycenter. com in september-ish of 2006. we all were pregnant with june 2007 babies. they are great ladies and i'm happy to have them as friends. so here's the pics.....part one

More Alyssa Pics

at traci's baby shower
playing with daddy

ticked off that i interrupted story time LOL

looking cute

sweet smiles!

well i snapped a few goodies of alyssa a few nights ago.....getting a good picture is hard these days, she won't smile or she won't look at me. these were rare snaps of the elusive toddler in her natural habitat LOL