Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New Shoes, Griffin Pics and Back to school update

I can't believe that tomorrow (Wednesday, July 28th) is the first day of school already. It goes so fast and yes, I realize I say that every year but it's true! Last night was the elementary school "Meet the teacher night" and PTO worked a booth for most of it and then we went to see Savannah and Griffin's teachers. Griffin was lucky enough that his teacher from kinder (Ms. C) got bumped up to 1st grade and he has her again! She is amazing and I just adore her (as does he!) Savannah got very lucky too, her teacher Ms. M is super enthusiastic and very good with the kids. I feel like this will be a good fit for Savannah. Although I miss having Mr. J and Mr. K as teachers this year, I do get to see them a lot because of PTO. Cassandra's Middle School (5th grade) meet the teacher night is tonight and I also volunteered to work 30 min of their Ice Cream Social event. I know what some of you are thinking....PTO president at QCE, slinging ice cream for PTO at the MS. Don't get any funny ideas, I'm just helping out where I can :P

So the kids got new shoes (even the one who doesn't GO to school yet!) so I have some pics. Only Savannah didn't get her pic done as she was busy but I'll get hers in for the 1st day of school blog entry!

Miss Alyssa's Stylin' "Sporty Shorties" By Skechers

She does love her some shoes!

Cassandra's very cool eko reds by skechers too :)

Cassandra's Super cool "I love werewolves" shirt from Justice. Sadly this shirt did not come in my size

Griffin picked these leather skechers. Very different than all his other shoes before. He insisted on laces. We'll have to get busy teaching him to tie his shoes!

Sportin' some new school clothes :)

So I'll be sure to have extras of Savannah for tomorrow since she opted out of this photo session :)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

random updates!

well....i have 2 updates to share.
first, i made a kick ass blueberry/peach cobbler last night and i actually took pictures of it!

next, i colored my hair black so i had to share a pic because people are saying "i can't believe you did it black!" so here it is....

Sunday, July 4, 2010


here we are camping in Clear Creek, AZ. shane set up our canopies
Mike and Griffin and Casey and Tater

The big kids' tent

Alyssa slept in the horse trailer living quarters with me and Shane

Cassandra and two webkinz stowaways

Nancy and the big kids. Griffin was obsessed with the rubber hammer. sigh.

The girls helping Papa with chores

Alyssa on Big Red

Mike and Alyssa on Rosie the mule

Nancy and some hams!

view from camp
Anyone else hear "the hills are alive with the sound of music" when they see this?

Griffin and the kids fishing with Shane at Long Lake

Cue the Bonanza theme music!

Alyssa's 3rd birthday party!

holy cow am I this behind? I think it's because I update Facebook and so I feel like I've done these pictures before! Yikes,

So here is Alyssa's 3rd Birthday party pics!

The kid party table!

Much to Daddy's thrill...it was an Ariel themed party ;)
Yes, I did indeed find Alyssa confetti :) and yes, i made sure every piece of confetti was turned the right way to say Alyssa 


Papa and the kids playing

two of my bestest friends ever, Mom and Julie
Diane (Nancy's sister), Nancy, Elijah, Brittany and Dad

Alyssa won the "pin the tiara on Ariel" game!

Alyssa, my niece Allison, Cassandra, Savannah, nephew Brandon and Griffin


The birthday girl! Alyssa Melissa Myra Leonard!

July Update! and some of June too ;)

Mom did some great pictures of the kids just before Father's Day! The kids did pretty well considering it was 105 degrees outside when she did them!

Cassanda and Savannah


Alyssa wink


me and kiddos!

Father's day went well...for the most part ;) we went to church and out to lunch. Shane wanted to go camping with his dad for a gift so the following week we went camping. The kids made Shane a gorgeous plate with all their handprints on it. They had so much fun making it!