Sunday, June 28, 2009

pics from mimi's

my mom took these pics of the kids outside at her house when shane and i went out for our anniversary. they turned out pretty darn good!

It's HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the new pieces, waiting on HOA approval so we can put it together!

griffin and alyssa braving the heat!

alyssa was afraid big brother was going to run her down with his bike!

looking too cool :-P

alyssa riding on the bike griffin got when HE turned 2!

alyssa looks too cute in her mermaid outfit and sandals :-)

a little trick riding for the camera!'s hot. i mean seriously swamp-ass hot! it has been hovering at or around 110 for a few days now plus humidity. i wish we'd get some storms if we have to go through the misery of humidity!
shane has been working outside. we had rock hauled in today to fix a drainage problem we have as well as to put around our irrigation ports in the back. they keep washing out so huge river rock seems to be the answer. for now :-) i hope it works. other than that, we have our new swingset sitting and waiting out back for HOA approval so we can assemble it. the kids are chomping at the bit to be on it. honestly, it's been so hot they couldn't use it right now anyway. a good friend of shane's (thank you stan and family) had this amazing swingset (that was nicer than the one we were getting ready to buy) that his kids don't use. it was only a year old and he gave it to us! shane, doug and andy went to take it apart and load it on a flatbed trailer. doug will help shane put it together once we get the ok.
other than that, we are having a great summer. it is hard to believe that we have only 4 weeks of break left. the first 5 weeks have FLOWN by. we're keeping busy and mostly out of trouble!
we made reservations at a cabin in greer for the week of the 12th. we are so excited to get out of the heat! it's in the 60's and 70's up there during the day now so i can't wait!
i hope everyone is doing great!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day!

Shane's Father's Day present! He seemed pretty pleased!

Griffin and Alyssa cruisin' in her Jeep Power Wheels

My Dad traded in his Harley for a Kawasaki Vulcan

Savannah had no fear!

Cassandra had a great ride too!

It's an unbelieveable blue!


up to no good!


sisterly love

awwwwwwwwwwww sisters

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Alyssa's birthday pics~part deux!

my dear friend jewells and her daughter emerson and my dad on the couch

alyssa studying her presents

opening presents was fun this year!

a kickin' new baby stroller!

ok brother helped a little bit with wrapping paper

the aftermath of "pin the bow on minnie"

griffin taking a turn on pinning the bow on minnie

round 4 or 10 of musical mats! (like musical chairs but for little people

kids getting instructions for the scavenger hunt

happy birthday alyssa melissa myra

Monday, June 15, 2009

Party Pictures

well here we go with some party pictures! these are just the ones i took. i'm still waiting on the ones my mom did :-P

the formal dining room and savannah giving us some drama

the kitchen before the food was out!

savannah and the centerpiece

centerpiece up close! you gotta love the mickey mouse clubhouse!

the family room with just the gifts from us so far!

mmmmmmmmm food

look close, i made special watermelon! :-)

cassandra was ready to party

griffin enjoyed the "pin the bow on minnie" game

alyssa's new shoes from papa and nancy. once she put them on, she left them on!

julie and nancy

alyssa in her new swimsuit!

alyssa with the new stroller from mimi and gumpy!

savannah and the new grocery cart

alyssa is serious about her shoes and her stroller!