Sunday, January 30, 2011

Family :)

I do not know where January has gone. I swear I JUST did a blog entry on my birthday!

We have had a good month, keeping busy and out of trouble for the most part! I'm getting used to the new Weight Watchers program. They changed a lot of things and I guess what I miss the most is instantly knowing the points for most everything I eat. It's all new and I am back to looking everything up. It will take some getting used to. I joined Lifetime Fitness (Shane goes there too) and made it twice last week. I set out a goal for 2 x a week to start out with. I figure with the kids and PTO and life in general, 2 x a week is good!

We did a yard sale over the weekend, it went well and we cleared out a lot of clutter. I have some stuff left over that was worth too much to donate so I think I'll try the Ebay/Craigslist route and see where it gets me!

The kids are good, looking forward to Spring Break starting on March 14th. We get 2 weeks :) The weather has been warmer than I like (mid 70's) for January but I see the forecast has us back to the upper 50's to low 60's for a few days. I'll take it! Shane is good, keeping the water flowing at work ;) and all good at  home!

Our big news is we got two puppies. We set out to get the kids a puppy and ended up with one for me too. We got the kids a cute little 7 week old Queensland Heeler we named Lena. She is super cute! Very quiet so far. I got a Great Pyraneese we named Bo. He was born on Halloween and he's a big goof! I will post pics as soon as I can ;)

Monday, January 17, 2011

My birthday

I had a great birthday this year :) I usually exercise my right not "not" celebrate my birthday because by the time we GET to my birthday I am all celebrated out. However this year, I went with the flow and had a great time. The kids started back to school on Jan. 3rd. I hate when they have to go back :( Griffin wasn't in long ( a week) and was out sick. There is a nasty little bug going through his classroom. He was home with a high fever for 3 days and body aches, etc. The doc ordered blood work which we were never able to successfully get. They turned my baby boy into a pincushion for 2 days/3 appts and we gave up. Thankfully, by that time he was well, no longer symptomatic so the doc said we could skip the blood work!

Cassandra is in an after school cooking class two times a week. She loves it so far! Last week was their first class, they went over menu and rules/safety. Savannah joined the homework club for the quarter. She's pretty excited. She is still the Co-president for student council. They get to go to a Phoenix Suns game on Feb. 2nd. She is totally excited and asked her dad to go as a chaperone :) Alyssa is good, she is still sorta getting used to the kids being back at school. She was really thrown a loop when Griffin was home and so sick. She is excited to be having a playdate with her friend Tailynn this Friday!

The weather is warmer than I like for January but I am still hopeful that we'll turn back and be in the 60's for awhile longer :)

Well it's getting late so I think I'll scoot,


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Pics of us ;)

As if I haven't poste ENOUGH pictures of all of us! Here are a few we did just before Christmas :)

Happy New Year! 2011

We decided to do a last minute New Years Eve party this year. We invited family to join us, Mike, Nancy, Mom, Dad, Brittany and Elijah came over. We ate, drank, played Wii and Scatergories (did I spell that right?) and had a great time! Everyone left around 9:30, Shane and I got the kids in bed around 10:00. We stayed up until almost 2:00. It was a wonderful New Years Eve, probably one of the best ones I can remember.

We had perfect weather the last few days, rain, SNOW, I am in heaven! It was 40 degrees for the high on New Year's Eve :) I took the kids outside to play, we had a great time!

I hope you all have a wonderful, safe,  happy and HEALTHY 2011!

Christmas Day 2010

We had a great Christmas morning! The big girls woke up at 7:00 and waited patiently for us to get up, dressed, wake Alyssa, flip on coffee, light candles and put on the Christmas music. YES, I have to have all those things going to open presents ;) After Christmas at our house we went to my mom's and opened gifts and had a fantastic ham dinner!

 Santa Came! He wraps all in red/green paper ;)
 This was before Santa came, just mom and dad's gifts to kids under here
 More Santa loot!
 Webkinz pinto in a purse!
 Star wars stuff...
 Cassandra got a lot of clothes from  her fav store, Justice
 Star Wars At At
 Savannah and her cookbook!
 Star Wars was sorta the theme for the year for Griffin
 Alyssa got some really nice princess dolls and stuffed toys
 Justice Jammies!
 Halo figures
 ta da! more clothes
 Indiana Jones DS game
 The kids painted a Merry Christmas Dad JUMBO coffee mug for Shane
 Alyssa's big gift from  mom and dad....a  Grand Dollhouse!
 Daddy put it together for her right away
 that's the fastest move in I've ever seen!
Shane and the kids watching "A Christmas Story" while he assembles Griffin's Space Shuttle!

Christmas Eve 2010

We had a fantastic Christmas Eve and Christmas! We spent Christmas Eve at my in law's house, Shane's brother/wife/kids were there also. We had a fantastic brunch and opened gifts :) We went out for mexican food afterwards. Delish!

 Mike, Griffin and Casey
 Hubba Hubba, my sweet baby
 The tree at Mike and Nancy's .... before the chaos begins!
 Savannah, Cassandra, Alyssa
 Cassandra in her shirt we brought her from Vegas
 Hammin' it up!
 Alyssa, Brandon, Cassandra
 Mike, Nancy and the girls
 Waiting for SOMEONE to start handing out gifts!
 They started out so slow and calm....
 First gifts opened
 Alyssa and her mouse dollhouse!
 Webkins for the win!
 OHHHHH yes! Aunt Julie and Uncle Andy got Savannah the "Ghoulia Yelps" doll she was "dying" to get LOL
 Race track fun!
 Cassandra and her Monster High pillow, Griffin got Star Wars stuff
 Alyssa and more mouse house stuff
Shane and his new surround sound system!