Monday, May 30, 2011

Summer Break is here!

The last day of school was May 26th and we celebrated big! The kids had a great last day. I was able to attend the awards ceremony at Cassandra's school. She received an award for her AR goal and high honors. I was mighty proud of her ;) Savannah received a citizenship award and high honors also! Everyone had a great report card. Sadly, they don't do honor roll participation for 1st grade so Griffin didn't receive anything like that. To celebrate we went to see Kung Fu Panda 2! It was a great movie! We took Cassandra's friend Malorie and my niece Allison. We also had a sleepover that night. My nephew Brandon joined us for that :) All in all, a great kick off to summer!

We started out with a bang and haven't stopped yet. My dad got a tattoo on the 26th also. His first one and it is just beautiful! I'll have to post pictures soon. He went to the same tattoo artist I went to for my first.  We went to my in law's Memorial Day party on Saturday. The kids rode horses and swam in the redneck pool (a horse trough...a never used by an animal horse trough) and did the slip n slide. We partied late at home and then Sunday Cassandra had a little dinner party for my parents. She made homemade pizza and some delicious Weight Watchers Chocolate Espresso cupcakes! OMG, so good!  We grocery shopped together and she did almost all the cooking. She loved it and did a great job!

We had been planning to get the kids a new tv for the playroom after the old one died over a year ago. We decided that with all the good grades and good attitudes going on that it was time to do it. Shane brought them home a 40" tv and blu ray player yesterday. They were just in shock :) It looks great in our freshly painted playroom! They had a great time in the watching movies and Netflix stuff ;) Some of them even camped out in there last night.

Today we are going to my mom's for ribs and all sorts of goodies plus swimming. I hope that you all are having a great memorial day weekend!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

May Continued...

Well after much back and forth on the weather it would seem we've settled into our "norm" for May. We've been in the low 100's for a few days now. I talk to so many people who say the same thing..."wow, it just all of a sudden got HOT!" and we laugh like it's a surprise but it shouldn't be.

Our elementary school did it's field day on Friday. I went in the morning and watched the kids, got some pictures. They do their events in the morning and then water activities in the afternoon. The QCFD showed up and hosed them down. I didn't get to see that part :P   I went to the middle school to see Cassandra do her "wax museum" for her project. Her class did bio reports on sports figures. She chose Nancy Lieberman who was one of the first female basketball players. She did a poster, made a basketball out of styrofoam and decorated a shirt with that player's first team logo (Dallas Diamonds). At the "wax museum" the kids stand there like a statue and when you walk up they come to life and give you facts about their person. It was really cute.

We have 9 school days celebrate I am taking the kids to see Kung Fu Panda 2 on the last day of school (it's a half day) and they are so excited! Their cousin, Allison, gets out that day too so we are all meeting at the theater to go together.

The dogs are doing well, getting big. I had Bo at the vet to be neutered and since February he went from 60 lbs to 84.6 lbs. He is a big old mook! He has learned sit and we're working on lay down and stay. Lena is getting big too :) she's doing better about not jumping but it is a constant task reminding her not to. She pees when she's excited, nervous, scared, happy, breathing....that has gotten a little bit better too. Thankfully because I have to admit, I was about ready to put a clamp on her hoo-ha!

The kids are excited for summer break. Believe it or not, they are super excited that I am adding them to my gym membership. They have an awesome childcare center with computers, kid size gym, obstacle crawly things, outside play equip, activities, etc. They also have an outdoor and an indoor pool. I think if I get my act together we'll make it to the gym 3 times a week and that will keep me on track as well as getting them out of the house, keeping busy!  We also are doing a couple of camping trips which they are super excited about. We have our big trip to Cannon Beach Oregon over July 4th.

Shane is great, work is busy. He has made tremendous progress on the backyard. He finished all the rock, finished all the bedding under the playset, planted 5 trees and is now ready to rip up and start planting grass seed. I am both excited and terrified. Excited to have grass, terrified at having to keep the dogs in a lot during irrigation and such. It is so nice to open the back door and let them out to run and play and exhaust themselves. However, I want grass bad enough that we'll make it work!

Our 13 year wedding anniversary is coming up on June 6th. We haven't decided yet what we are doing, if anything much. We both know we want another tattoo so we may hold off and do that for our anniversary after summer because you can't swim for 6 weeks after getting a tattoo so that would pretty much be for almost the kids' whole break :(  Alyssa turns 4 on June 14th. I am checking out birthday party places vs. having it at home. We'll see how it pans out. It's been my experience that either way ends up being about the same price.

That's it for us, I hope you all are doing well!


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Brittany's Graduation!

Is anyone else besides me shocked that my sister is old enough to be a college graduate? She had her beautiful graduation ceremony on April 29th at the Mesa Arts Center. It was a beautiful facility and she even graduated with honors! Here are some pictures from that day....