Thursday, June 28, 2012

Father's Day! 2012

Shane had a great Father's Day! He liked his presents and we spent the day in northern Arizona where it was cooler and greener!

Family Pictures, June 2012

We did some recent family they are :)

not all of the kids' individual pics came out great so we'll try this again in the cooler weather and perhaps they will be more cooperative! ;) one can hope!

Alyssa's 5th Birthday!

Alyssa had a fantastic birthday party! Here are some pics...

 Beautiful Chocolate Princess and Unicorn cake!
 made a wish ;)
 pin the horn on the unicorn game

 Alyssa and baby Isabell
 Savannah playing games ;)
 Brittany and Traci, Allison and Griffin
 Birthday Beauty!
 Final Score on unicorn game..Allison won!
 Mike, Julie and Andy
 Playing "pass the unicorn"
 I am in charge of music ;)

 Presents! with BFF, Tailynn

 Me and my honey, dishing up cake!
the crazy Leonard family ;)