Saturday, September 17, 2011

September !!!

Happy September!

I swear to myself every week that I am going to sit down and update the blog but I never seem to get here! Honestly, Facebook is fast and easy so I do neglect this poor little blog too much. However, I don't pour my heart out on Facebook so I still keep the blog around ;)

We've had a good but busy month so far. The kids are doing well, we had progress reports come home about a week or so ago. Everyone is doing fantastic! Griffin and Savannah were both Student of the Month for August! Savannah made her AR goal 2 weeks early and went over her goal so she earned herself 2 new books :) Griffin is almost to his goal. Cassandra doesn't have AR in 6th grade which is sort of a bummer, it really kept her reading. She does like to read but she doesn't have the challenge to do so to meat a goal. Cassandra is playing the violin and she's working hard at it! She's picking it up pretty fast! They don't learn how to use the bow right away so I'll be anxious to hear her when they do ;) right now it's just "picking" the strings.

Shane is great, he applied for an empty seat on the Queen Creek School Board. He's in the top 3 applicants. I hope he gets it, I think he'd do a great job!

The dogs are good for the most part. Just some little behavioral things here and there. We plan to take my Bo to some training at Petsmart when there is some extra money laying around for it but with birthday-palooza and holidays there isn't much extra this time of year! 

My dad had surgery right after labor day, he's doing great. He had 2 weeks off work but he's got clearance now to ride the motorcycle and resume most activity. Just no gym or heavy lifting for awhile longer. His birthday was the 15th. We are going out to celebrate tonight!

Griffin's Birthday is Sept. 24th. We are having a water sports party at home this year. He's pretty excited ;) The weather has finally broke, we are in the upper 60's to low 70's at night which is a HUGE drop from the low of 90 we had for sooooo long. THe days are in the 90's. Once in awhile we touch 100 but not often, thankfully! I got out all my fall decorations since it was TIME!