Friday, October 30, 2009

Just some cute Alyssa pics

Alyssa was a big helper today at the kids' Halloween parties! We did a brief photo shoot inbetween going to Griffin's class to carve pumpkins with the kids and heading out for the afternoon parties w/ the girls!

Alyssa got a haircut this week

She's pretty cute huh?

I like her shirt, she picked it out!
just click the pics if you want to see them bigger


Cassandra's Halloween party

This was the first game where a story is read and then you put your hand in the bucket to feel what is inside ~ meaning it is labeled on the outside like "brains" or "eyeballs" and such and you have to guess what is really inside the bucket. It was icky, yes I stuck my hand in every bucket!

My friend Nicole did the story with the buckets. She is Cassandra's BFF's mom

Food tables and many helpers

Cassandra (in the black) and a friend wrapping Mr. K up in the "mummy wrap" contest. Mr. K is a good sport!

I think they liked having his mouth covered for a few brief moments ;)

Well done girls! He had fun tearing himself out of it though. He dressed up in a very scary costume but I didn't get a pic of that.

~~~~~Click on any of the pics if you want to see them larger! The formatting has changed on how you can upload and I'm still learning it.~~~~~~~~

Everyone had a great time, great games and food galore!

PS~Mr. K is the teacher who dressed up as a pirate in an elaborate pirate costume the first day of school, spoke only pirate talk and their entire first day was all pirate themed. He's great!

Savannah's Halloween Class Party

This is Savannah's Class :) Mr. J is her teacher and he is amazing! He is like the Jay Leno of 2nd grade! We had the kids decorate pumpkin shaped sugar cookies w/ icing and sprinkles. Mr. J had some activities for them along with Halloween music to rock out to. Another family brought in Dunkin' Donuts w/ icing and sprinkles too! Holy cow, after all that and italian ice drinks Mr. J took the kids out to afternoon recess to blow off some excess energy. It was a great party and Savannah has some nice kids in her class. Alyssa loved getting to sit in a desk next to Savannah and participate. My mom took the afternoon off work to go help out too!

Spirit Week at School

Ok, first off the blog site has changed how you do pictures so I am sorry they are so small. you can click on them individually to see them bigger :)

This was spirit week at school, these pics are from "twin day" which turned into 7 kids dressing the same. Cassandra organized the whole thing with her friend Brooke and 2 other girls and Cassandra included Griffin and Savannah too!

The other pic of Griffin and Shane was just too cute to not post. Cassandra did Griffin's hair for him that day!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy 8th Birthday Savannah

Well 8 years ago today I was in labor still. What a surprise you were, coming 3 weeks early! You do like to make an entrance, that has not changed a bit. I remember it like it was yesterday (I know, I say that a lot but it's true.) You had everyone on their toes since you decided to come the weekend we were moving into our new house. No hospital bag packed,  no baby clothes out of storage, no crib put together. Nothing. Nada. Zip. And yet, we survived. I remember coming in the front door with you in my arms and we asked Cassandra (not quite 2 yet) "Do you know who this is?" and she said "Yep, dat my cubby bear!" and you have been our cubby ever since. You were the most thoughtful newborn,  you slept 5 hours at a time from birth. You were a spunky little girl and that hasn't changed either. I love your smile, your beautiful blue eyes, your freckles, your ability to quote movie scenes as well as I do. I love that when you give a hug it is with your whole heart and soul. You are so passionate which I know has good and bad. You go from OK to PISSED in under 10 seconds flat but you are so cute when you're angry, it doesn't matter.

You are a wonderful sister, a wonderful daughter and a wonderful friend. Yes, even at "only" 8 years are my friend. I love you my cubby bear.

XO, Mom

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Savannah's Birthday party

Hello everyone!

Well Savannah had a super birthday party on the 24th! It was a Halloween theme. We had bobbing for apples, decorating/painting pumpkis, painting witch/wizard wands and a game where you had to get ping pong balls into 5 pumpkin buckets in a row. The kids made their own pizzas, played together and had cake.

Savannah had her Mimi, Gumpy, Auntie, Papa, Nancy, Godfather Doug, Aunt Julie, Cousin Allison, Brother and Sisters, Carly, Lauren, Ryan, Brooke, Ryan, Madison to help her celebrate. She got wonderful gifts and really loved everything she got. Lots of jewelry making kits, books, art supplies, an IPOD Shuffle, IDOG, Webkinz, DS games, a horse stable...I forget what else. And she was very good about sharing, most of it :)

I'll have pictures soon


Friday, October 16, 2009

Outside with Daddy

Since the great cool down in the evenings (aka~fall) Shane has been taking the kids out almost nightly to play "tag ball" or other various ball games. Tag ball is by far the crowd favorite where basically Shane is "it" and he tags the kids by throwing a soccer ball at them. Sounds a little harsh but they love it. They beg for it actually!
Aside from ball games the kids are loving riding their bikes and scooters. The new playset is also a big hit! We just need to get a toddler swing for Alyssa as it makes me a little nervous when she's hanging on for dear life in a "big kid" swing.

Clothes shopping

Alyssa is super proud of her new clothes!
she loves to show them off!

another new outfit and the jacket hanging on the crib is a gift from my aussie friend Dee

Savannah picked out this outfit for Alyssa

cute jammies!

Griffin and a new outfit

Race car outfit :)

Griffin being...Griffin. He insisted I take pics of him in a plain black shirt. And, FYI, he's naked from the waist down.

New cool motorcycle shirt...still pantsless

Cassandra's new gold bling jeans

Ahhhh, cool Cassandra has shown up to model a new outfit

Savannah says "ta-da!"
In honor of fall and winter approaching (well, ok technically fall is here) we went out to start our seasonal clothes shopping! Griffin and Alyssa are almost set. The girls are just barely getting started. Here is the crew showing off their newly aquired goods! I'm sure we'll be showing off more stuff in the next couple of weeks....

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Griffin is.......


holy cow! i took dee shopping today for 3 hours and came home to my son riding his bike w/out training wheels! and doing it well! i am so proud and so terrified :P but he is excited beyond belief. i will try to get some video and pics as soon as i can stop peeking through my fingers to watch him!


Friday, October 2, 2009

Griffin's Bday Party Pics!

Griffin had a Pirates of the Caribbean Cake
We were ready for a rousing game of "pin the eye patch on the pirate"

Griffin did pretty well pinnin' the patch!

Griffin and his kinder buddy, Shane

Shane and cousin Allison sizing up the eye patches

Shane found where we stowe the pirate gear ;)

We made pirate crafts, eye patches, pirate hats, swords

Cassandra is working hard on her craft

Griffin is brainstorming on how to make his pirate hat the most "piratey"

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh he got his Nintendo DS Lite

Alyssa thinks it was a good party!
Griffin had a great time with his family and his school friends, Shane, Kylie and Madison