Tuesday, August 30, 2011

August 2011 update

We've kept nice and busy since school started. The kids are doing well in their classes. Cassandra is in 6th grade and changes classes for Language Arts, Science, Math and Social Studies. It just so happens that her homeroom teacher is also her Math and Social Studies teacher. She had a bumpy first couple of weeks as she learned to juggle different teachers, due dates, etc. She's doing well now. She is also learning the violin. So far she is really enjoying it but she hasn't gotten in to anything too deep with it yet, she's mostly learning the strings and notes. I still giggle when she says "mom, this is the G-String!" yes, I am fully aware how ridiculous my sense of humor is!
Cassandra and Malerie

Savannah is in 4th grade, I adore her teacher. She is super positive and very upbeat. She gives those kids a lot of love and I think Savannah is really thriving in there. She was Student of the Month for August. The character pillar for August was Respect and her teacher said that when she heard Respect Savannah was her only choice for student of the month. She was SO surprised! I loved the look on her face when they read her name <3  Last year Savannah was co-president for Student Council. This year rather than running for that she decided she'd like to participate in CCLP which is Character Counts Leadership Program. They do a lot of community service projects, learn to have respect for those with differences, disabilities, special needs, etc. I think she'll do great in it :)
 Blurry but here is Griffin getting his SoM award for Music

Savannah's teacher, Mrs. Bernier, reading wonderful things about Savannah for her SoM award.

Griffin is doing awesome in 2nd grade! He really blossomed over the summer. He is in the highest reading and math groups. Mr. Jeffers tells me Griffin is a strong student but he likes to talk. A lot. Like ..... a lot. He had to move Griffin's seat away from the group for about a week but it seems Griffin is getting the hang of knowing when to keep quiet. We'll see if it sticks! Griffin was selected to be Student of the Month for Music. His music teacher absolutely shocked us with her call letting us know he was her pick. Griffin sure was shocked too, LOL!

Alyssa is a riot. Still ;) I may be biased, I now it's possible. She is quite the little PTO helper. We also go in every Wednesday to volunteer in Griffin and Savannah's classroom. She fits right in with both classes. I even catch her raising her hand to answer questions...even in 4th grade. I don't know, she may be smarter than me by this point! She goes to the gym with me 3 days a week. She's not always thrilled with being dropped off a the child care center but she's trying hard to be good about it. She's now sharing a room with Savannah. She loves it, loves the closeness she is gaining with Savannah. She and Cassandra have a very special, close relationship so I think it's really neat that she and Savannah are becoming closer.
Alyssa and Bo

Shane is good, keeping outta trouble for the most part! Work is busy but he seems to be keeping up just fine. I think he's pretty ready for summer to be done, we've had 2 really hot weeks with most days over 110. He's also keeping me on track at the gym. We do weights together and oh my, some days he really kicks my ass! I like it though ;) Yes, I am still doing Weight Watchers. I have 19 lbs to go to my goal weight. Damn, the last 30 lbs has been SLOW!  I'm still playing WoW..that's all I have to say about that!

The dogs are getting BIG and some days they don't drive me crazy :P Bo will be a year on Halloween. Lena will be one in late November.

We are approaching the birthday rush season. My dad's is Sept 15th, Griffin is Sept 24th. We are getting prepared for Griffin. He keeps changing his mind and I sure wish my money tree would start producing so I can keep up! I think that for now he has decided that he wants a "water day" with a slip and slide, water balloon fight, water gun fight, you get the idea. I hope it sticks, I've got plans to make for it!

Ok, I think I've rambled long enough....


Friday, August 19, 2011

First Day of School 2011/2012

I didn't realize I was so behind on the blog! The first day of school was July 27th. Everything went rather smoothly :) aside from a long, hot and delayed bus ride home. Griffin is in Mr. Jeffers' 2nd grade, Savannah is in Mrs. Bernier's 4th grade, Cassandra is in Mrs. Berkel's 6th grade. Here are pics from that day....

 Alyssa didn't appreciate having to get up either until I mentioned that there would be donuts involved!