Saturday, October 15, 2011

October 2011

Happy October!

What a whirlwind it has been this fall! I know I always say that but it is TRUE! September went very smoothly, Griffin had an awesome birthday party! He did an outdoor water sports party and had a great time with his friends :) He got some great gifts too.

October is no less busy. We have been on Fall Break since October 3rd. The kids go back Monday :(  We did keep busy going to the gym and we went camping for 4 days. It was heavenly! The temp on the mountain was 65 during the day and around 40 at night. Very nice! We were up in the Sitgreave Forest between Payson and Heber. The Aspens were changing colors and everything was just beautiful. We had a full moon while there and  you could hear the coyotes at night.

We had a lovely fall weather spell here for about 2 weeks. Windows were open, breezes were blowing. We wore PANTS!!!!!!!!!!!! Now we have been slapped in the face with the reality of the desert....what  you get isn't always what you gt to keep and we're back to the mid to upper 90's. At least it's cool at night and for now, we'll take what we can get!

We are having a big Fall Carnival at school on Oct. 21st. I am super excited! This will be a busy week as I have gym, PTO meeting on Wednesday, shopping for the fall carnival and then set up all day Friday for the event. I hope it goes smoothly!

Savannah turns 10 on October 29th. She is doing a Halloween themed birthday party again this year. She really loves it and I figure why not ;) My In-Law's are throwing a Halloween party that same night so we will have our fair share of Halloween for 2011!

I will wrap up the post with some pics from Griffin's Bday (Sept 24th) and the camp trip.


 new bike!

 Shane and Mike

 Alyssa and Big Red

 Alyssa and Nancy
 Mike and Alyssa on Big Red, taking Gracie and Roscoe for a stroll
 Allison and Alyssa with acorn from hike :)
 me and my silly husband!
 Me and Julie, day 3 ;)
 Griffin and Brandon
 Griffin and the elk skull
 Julie on her first mountain ride! Riding Roscoe
 my favorite tree in camp