Sunday, August 16, 2015

August 2015

How is it possible that we've been in school for going on 4 weeks already???

Time flies when you're melting in Arizona, LOL!!! But seriously, it's been a good summer. Very relaxing, very chill. Obviously not in the literal sense, it's been hovering between 108 and 114 for quite awhile now! We've had one major monsoon storm so far...I sure hope they are right about the predictions for a very wet winter!

It's hard to believe that have a  10th, 8th, 6th and 3rd grade this year! Everyone is settled into their school routines pretty well by now. Bus rides are shorter and overall, things are running smoothly!

Aspen is getting bigger and BIGGER! We had to upgrade the crate because she was too tall to fully stand in her old one. We've had a dog behaviorist work with us. I had a lot of high hopes as he was the curator of the wolf and coyote exhibits at the San Antonio zoo for over 7 years. He had some great suggestions and much like Cesar Millan, his suggestions worked immediately. GO FIGURE :D

Other than running the kids everywhere they need to be, I spent the first 8 school days subbing 6th grade math/science! I had a great time, great kids. It was a real learning experience for me because the teacher had left for emergency surgery...he barely had a classroom put together (not fully stocked) and had NO LESSON PLANS! I was very lucky to have solid help with a wonderful teacher we've had 3 times before. I'd have been lost without him :)

Enough babble...Pics....
 Greer, Arizona just before school started
 Dinner at the Angry Crab
 More North Woods hiking
 Hotel snuggles with my tiny girl ;)
 Carousel at Bass Pro Shop
 July 22nd, first day of 10th grade!
 July 22nd, first day of 6th grade, 3rd grade, 8th grade
 Aspen, 7 months old
Aspen and her best buddy
couch snuggles!