Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Hello August!

Time is flying! We are that much closer to fall break ;) I also recently learned there are only 19 more Fridays until Christmas. Imagine that!

It's been hot as hell here. I guess that shouldn't be a surprise. When the temp does go down then the humidity goes up. We just can't seem to win. We are also on the edge of that "I'm so done with the heat" phase of the summer. We can see September so close bringing promise of cooler night temps and the vague glimmer of hope for lower daytime temps. I went ahead and busted out my fall decor. Silly me, I count August as part of fall!  I guess because for me, our summer is May, June and July (while the kids are out of school) Fall starts with August for our house. Plus, by August I need a change of interior scenery to keep me as sane as possible. I am not sure it works but I try :)

School is rolling along. Cassandra is really having a great time in high school! She had her first high school dance last Friday. She brought 5 friends home with her on the bus to hang out until the dance. 4 girls, 1 boy. We had about 5 hours to kill before the dance so they played Wii, did their hair and makeup...well, not the boy. Danced, ate a lot and just hung out. Cassandra has been having fun making her plans for the future. She recently decided that joining the Navy would be a good start to her career in the FBI. I have talked to recruiters and done research. I guess if this is her path of choice, it's a good one. She cracks me up, so determined at only 14!!

Savannah is having a great time in 7th grade! She is so fearless. I envy her :) She has the most amazing science teacher! This lady has done it all and has a doctorate in science. She said they will do maybe 6 book assignments for the year but they will do well over 80 labs and around a dozen projects. Savannah is so excited! My little Cubby is getting so big.

Griffin is adjusting in 5th grade (middle school). He has wonderful teachers and friends in his classes/lunch. He just needs to get organized. I think some people have that gene or they don't. Cassandra didn't but she learned it by 7th grade. Perhaps Griffin will be the same ;) His language arts teacher and I are working together to keep his papers and such in check until he gets the hang of it. It's only the 4th week of school and he's already doing much better!

Alyssa is doing great in 2nd grade. Her teacher is wonderful! She said he is so nice and fun until people won't be quiet and then he uses his big voice. That always makes me laugh. She is doing well for her first year with no siblings at her school. She still loves watching Dirty Jobs marathons. She has fallen in love with the show Castle so we watch a lot of those during the week too! Some days I really wish she'd say "Hey, can we watch bubble guppies!?" I guess those days are long gone :-/

Shane is good...work is keeping him busy and out of trouble ;) We are both ready to get out of the heat for a few days during fall break. We are headed to a cabin in Pagosa Springs with the kids and we can't wait! The leaves should be changing and the weather should be awesome!

Here are some first day of school and other pics!

 Cassandra had to do a little poster that shows things she loves!
 Last minute baby snuggles!
 We were lounging ;)
 First day of School! Cassandra 9th, Savannah 7th, Alyssa 2nd, Griffin 5th. Can you tell who is excited about HS?

 Cassandra has to be to school balls early so we did our "ready for school" pics after she left! Sigh, they are so big!
My loves!