Saturday, May 30, 2009

videos from amazing jake's

remember to turn off the music on the right side of the blog so you can hear the video :-)

alyssa and brandon at the toddler playarea^

savannah, griffin and allison on the frog jumper!

Amazing Jakes!

to celebrate the end of school we took the kids to amazing jake's~! it is an indoor amusement park! they have a carousel, train ride, teacups, go karts, rollercoaster, frog hopper, bumper cars, arcade games, rock wall, bowling, mini golf, laser tag! my niece and nephew where there too!

savannah, allison and griffin on the frog hopper!

aunt julie, alyssa and brandon on the carousel^

here are aunt julie and the kids on the train!
griffin & allison, julie & brandon, savannah & alyssa ^

alyssa in the toddler play area

more alyssa!

the carousel

the teacups!

Summer break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well all i can say is wowie zowie! what a great week we had last week!
savannah was student of the month! i have some great pics of her at the awards assembly where she was rewarded for 1. student of the month, 2. academic excellence (straight a's) and 3. reaching her reading AR goal for the 4th quarter! so below are some pics from the assembly.

mike, nancy, mrs. schiermyer, me, griffin, alyssa and savannah

students of the month!

savannah in the purple walking on stage!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

alyssa and tailynn-bff :-)

this is alyssa and her lil bff tailynn! they are 1 week apart in age. they had a great time playing on monday, this is just a little snippit of them riding horses together.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


so i figured what the heck, how about an update?

where to start.............

well there are only 7 school days left! i can't wait! it's going to be a busy week. we have appointments, haircuts, my niece's kinder graduation, etc etc! it should keep me out of trouble though :-) even if it's only brief!

we had a good weekend. shane spent saturday disposing of several piles of leftover roof tiles. we had saved them to do our horse pens because our neighborhood requires that the roof match the house roof. but since that isn't happening anytime soon and the tiles seem to be a nice home for scorpions we opted to get rid of it all.

we went swimming for the first time this summer. it was niiiiiiiiiice! we had a great grilled steak dinner too. all in all, a great saturday!

today we went to church. it was my last day teaching sunday school for the summer break. it was a great time, the kids were wonderful, the craft came out great. 2 of the boys in my class will move up to the next grade level when we start back in the fall. i will miss them. it has been really fun to teach it even though sometimes i question how 'good' i am at it. i hope i am more confident this coming fall. i have great assistants who have a lot of good ideas to share!

the sermon today was really good and really hit home on a lot of points. i am glad i finally got to be in church. we have missed so much between vacation, shane being in the hospital, was good to be back. i miss 2x a month because i volunteer in the nursery during mass. maybe i will cut back on that a little this summer so i can go to actual church more often.

so that's it for us. hopefully everyone is doing great and ready for monday because ready or it comes!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

random update and weird pics!

ok so the title says it all!

i was fiddling with my camera today and realized i never take a picture facing this direction in the house so i did it today LOL. no big whoop, i know but i did it just because! :-P

ok so this is my beautiful mother's day bracelet on my very hairy arm! it is yellow topaz for cassandra (nov), pink tourlimane (spelling?) for savnnah (oct), blue sapphire for griffin (sept) and light amethyst for alyssa (june). i love it! they are crystals and silver beads.
we had a nice mother's day weekend! saturday was my niece's 6th bday so we went to her party. it was very nice and the kids had a blast! my sister in law did a cupcake-cake which was brilliant because there is no mad dash to cut cake and scoop ice cream, you just pull off the cupcakes and serve! i may put that in my brain reserve for the upcoming birthday rush season!
after the party shane and the kids took me to blue adobe mexican restaraunt for my mother's day dinner. it was awesome! i had a green chile beef chimichanga. whenever i order a chimichanga i can hear that part in the movie 'meet the fockers' where barbara striesand is saying 'if you want a chimichanga then make a chimichanga!' which cracks me up. i'm weird, i know! shane also got me a 'bouquet' from edible arrangements. for those who don't know...edible arrangements are flowers made out of delicious fruit. they also do chocolate dipped strawberries and such which were in my arrangement too. holy hell it was sooooooooooo good!
my mom/dad/sis got me an awesome disney ready made scrapbook that i just had to put pictures in! it was so nice to finally scrapbook!
on sunday shane had to leave for a biz trip to vegas. so he left around 11:00. it was a very unusual mothers day in that regard. so the kids and i hung out until it was time to go meet my mom/dad/sis for dinner. we had a great time! dinner was really good. the kids were soooo good we went to dairy queen afterwards.
we have 10 days of school left. i can't wait! i signed up to help out with vacation bible school again this year. this coming sunday is my last sunday school class for summer break. i am going to get my project together for the kids to do. we are having them assemble a rainbow on a big white sheet of paper. then we cut out pots of gold that say "the best thing i learned in sunday school this year is..." and then they pick the pot that says their fav thing. i'm doing goodie bags for them too. i have to get my stuff for that. we're making ice cream sundays with sprinkles so we can remind them god's love is sprinkled throughout their life. corny i know but cool i hope!
the kids are doing great. shane is back from vegas. we got the goat sold. she is going to a breeding farm in california. she'll be leaving june 16th. cassandra is now fine with it since she knows holly gets to go be a mom :-)
i guess that is it for us. we have about 4 weeks until alyssa's 2nd birthday but i'm getting all that organized too :-)

More Savannah!

savannah's shark report poster and two hams!

savannah's 1st grade class is doing reports on the animal of their choice. savannah chose to do her report on great white sharks! it was really fun, they had us do a brainstorming page. she was to write her report on apperance, habitat, food they eat and then fun facts! she had a choice to do a diorama, posterboard, clay model or ?
well savannah chose the posterboard! we had fun searching for free pics on the internet to print for the poster. she asked me to do the word sharks in the middle in glitter. well we ran out of blue glitter for the last "S" so she had the great idea for us to do it in red glitter with blood drops coming off of it! it looked way cool!
she has practiced reading her report and presents it tomorrow (wednesday 13th). i hope she does well.

Friday, May 8, 2009

savannah is the big winner!

well savannah was a big winner today!
her school was having their book fair week and author conrad storad was visiting their school as well. apparently each class in the school participated in a school book cover art contest. well each class voted among themselves for a classroom winner. THOSE winners from each classroom were put in the library and voted on in a school contest. well, savannah won her class vote AND the whole school! so out of 450-500 kids who participated, savannah's art won!
she got an autographed book from the visiting author and a certificate from her principal. she was over the moon! we are so proud of her and her artistic talent ;-)

alyssa sleeps

well alyssa decided to have a lil siesta on the couch a few days ago. she looked so sweet and peaceful there i had to snap a few shots of her! she loves her new sandals so much she wouldn't let me take them off either!