Monday, January 16, 2017

More 2017

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Anyway...more pics

Hello 2017

What a kick in the ass it's been for 2017!

We had a wonderful Christmas! We celebrated with our family and extended families throughout our two and a half weeks off!

Prior to Christmas, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We also enjoyed a week on Coronado Island for Shane's water conference at the Hotel Del Coronado. That has got to be one of our favorite places in the world.

I successfully campaigned for a seat on the QCUSD Governing School Board. There were 3 seats available, 6 candidates. It was an ugly race but we won! I was so thankful to have so much love and support throughout the whole process. I was sworn in at the January 10th Board Meeting and have enjoyed my board member training with the ASBA and look forward to my Board Retreat at our school district office this week. We have a lot to face with overcrowding and hypergrowth in our area!

The kids are great, Cassandra is 17 and a junior, Savannah is 15 and a freshman, Griffin is 13 and in 7th grade, Alyssa is 9 and in 4th grade. Cassandra got her license in October, over fall break. She's doing great driving! She drives to school daily with Savannah and to work. She's signed up to take the ASVAB test this month also. Exciting times!

The dogs are doing well. Kira is doing awesome on her meds for her allergies! She still LOVES snuggling and cuddling whenever possible. She has hilarious short bursts of pure puppy fun (although she's 3 and had a hard 3 years) to mix in with all that cuddliness!  Gypsy is 9 months old, we just survived her first heat (OMG) and she's still in obedience training every Friday. She's doing well, she's super smart and starting to be more confident. Major improvements! Dean is 6 months old and just a moose right now. He's in EVERYTHING and despite training, listens to NOTHING at this point. I just keep working with him but it's obvious that he will need more extensive training in the near future.

I'm going to stop rambling and just share some pics now!

 Baby Dean 3 months old
 Dean 3 months, Gypsy 6 months
 Dean 5 months, Gypsy 8 months, Kira 3 years
 Shane and Alyssa for the Daddy/Daughter Dance at her school
 Griffin, Alyssa and Gumpy for the middle school Veteran's Day celebration

 Home from work!
 The hotel del coronado

 Seaport Village