Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Cassandra's 14th Birthday!

Cassandra turned 14 on November 20th at 9:10 a.m. We survived the first teenage year quite well, I think. We will see how the 2nd year goes ;) Cassandra had a great day despite the fact she shares her birthday with the loss of her Papa. It is funny how time goes, depending on your outlook of the situation. 14 years Cassandra has been with us. One year Mike has been away from us.

What a day.

Cassandra decided she wanted to be at school on her birthday. The rest of us stayed home to have a family day. Shane wanted to keep busy so he and I painted the family room. The kids played and had a relaxing day. I took lunch to Cassandra and her BFF. We all met Andy/Julie & the kids and Shane's step mom at Matta's for dinner that night. It was good to be all together.

Cassandra had a wonderful birthday party weekend ;) Five of her friends came to sleep over. We had pizza, snacks, they roasted marshmallows over an open fire to make S'mores. They finished off with ice cream sundaes. I have never seen 6 girls eat so much!!! All of the girls were very sweet and I was so happy to see Cassandra have nice friends surrounding her. Saturday afternoon the family came over to celebrate and that was a great time too!

Now here I sit, Thanksgiving Eve. The weather has been glorious! Rainy, 50's and 60's during the day. I love not sweating, LOL!!!!!!!  We are going to my parents' house for Thanksgiving this year. I am excited to have stuffing and candied yams. Shane bought a couple of turkey breasts to make for us to have leftovers at hom, I am so glad ;)   I can't wait to start Christmas decorating on Friday! I am getting it all planned out in my head,  hopefully it turns out as well as I see it in  my mind.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Shane's Birthday

Shane turned the big 39 this year! He wanted a small BBQ at home with his friends and family. We kept thing simple and he seemed very happy with that. He had a good time visiting with everyone and eating good food. I made him a new spice cake recipe I found on Pinterest and it turned out awwwwesome!

He had a good time with his new games GTA, Batman ( I don't remember the exact name but he likes it), some gift cards and more :)

To say that time is flying is an understatement! I cannot believe it is already November 13th. The month is completely disappearing and before I know it, we will be up to our eyebrows in Christmas! Cassandra's birthday is November 20th, she will be 14!! I just blinked, I swear she was in kindergarten!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween 2013

Short and sweet! We had a great time Trick or Treating for the first time in our new neighborhood. A lot of cool decorated houses! Some families really went all out!

Savannah's 12th Birthday...Doctor Who Style!

October 29th was our sweet baby's 12th birthday! Anyone who knows Savannah knows that she is a HUGE Whovian! My sister got her hooked on Doctor Who in the spring and she has been powering through episodes ever since! Most conversations start with "I saw this on Doctor Who..." or "Do you know on a Doctor Who episode......."  She is almost as intense with her Supernatural or Sherlock Holmes but not with exactly the same enthusiasm!

Doctor Who is popular but not enough that they have party supplies to use. That said, I made everything! It was a lot of fun and I know Savannah really appreciated it and loved it all!!  In addition to her Whovian party, we took her to Gotham City Comics and Coffee on her actual birthday because every Tuesday is Doctor Who's Day where they show episodes and play games, trivia, etc. She had a good time, my sister and her boyfriend also came, Uncle Andy came and brought the kids. In all, a great time! So, without further!

 Tardis and Weeping Angel cupcakes!
 We had Bow Tie pasta salad (because bow ties are cool!), Gallifreyan red and TARDIS blue jello and other assorted munches.
 Some of Savannah's favorite Doctor Who quotes printed and placed around. They all reside in her room now.
 I made her a Doctor Who banner with TARDIS pics, Sonic Screwdrivers from her favorite Doctors and "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" in Gallifreyan (or so I believe)
 Friends, cousins, siblings and photo bombers!

 Doctor Hooves!

 Her cuddly little Dalek
 My sister presented her notice of her ticket to see "the Day of the Doctor" on Nov 25th. She gave it to her in true Doctor style :)
TAAAAAAARDIS shirt! She also got Doctor Who books, a HUGE cardboard TARDIS cut out for her room, TARDIS book light, TARDIS coffee mug and more than I can now remember!