Friday, July 15, 2011

Cannon Beach, Oregon

We had a fantastic vacation! We left for Cannon Beach on July 1st. It was our first time in about 9 years visiting there. My parents lived about 45 min from the beach when they lived in Oregon. It is, without a doubt, one of my favorite places to be. We decided that since it had been so long since we had been there we would take the scenic route up :) We took the coast highway and saw the Redwoods and lots of forest and ocean on the way up. We had a wonderful comfy motel suite right on the beach. The weather was beautiful, most days 65ish. We did have one really warm day, the day we went to the Portland Rose Gardens and Camp 18. It was in the 80's. Most days at the beach where 60's and low 70's. A welcome temp compared to the 114 degrees we had back home!!

The kids had a great time playing in the sand, playing in the ocean, looking for sea critters, visiting the Haystack Rock tidepools, exploring the town, visiting the park and our nightly bonfire on the beach! We did s'mores and sometimes we just had the fire and talked about the day. My parents, sis and her boyfriend went too. We also visted Ecola Park which had beautiful views of Cannon Beach but from a location/perspective I've never been to before.

Here are some pics of the trip...

 First day on the road
 The girls at Crescent City, California
 Shane and Savannah at Crescent City
 Alyssa lovin' the beach
 Griffin doesn't like the light, LOL
 Serious beach work at Cannon Beach
 Mom, Dad and Haystack Rock, Cannon Beach
 Alyssa is giving Shane a beach pedicure

 Building the nightly fire pit
 Mom, Dad, Shane, Alyssa at Camp 18 .. headed to the Portland Rose Gardens

 Haystack Rock and some fog

 Pizza on the beach!
 Haystack Rock Tidepools

 Tillamook Lighthouse

 Walkin' to Haystack
 View of Cannon Beach from the Ecola Park

Ecola Park hike :)

my little forest adventurers! we saw the biggest slug on the trail!

Our beautiful trail guide ;) I liked him so much, I brought him home with me!