Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happy 9th Birthday Savannah Michelle

Savannah has always been good at making an entrance. She was due November 17, 2001. We were moving into our new home the weekend of October 27th and had worked rather hard moving smaller stuff. The movers were coming the 29th with the big furniture and storage unit stuff. I guess all that lifting and such helped Savannah decide she'd like to come out early and see what all the hulabaloo was about! So on October 29th she came into our life. Savannah was 3 weeks early, weighing in at 8 lbs 7 oz. She had beautiful black hair and big blue eyes. She was a beautiful baby and she is a beautiful girl now. She traded in her black hair for blonde waves but the big blue eyes are still just as pretty as they were the day she was born. She's got freckles on her nose and cheeks ;) and I tell her those are kisses from her Mamaw since she had them too.

Savannah loves to write stories and draw different clothing designs. She loves movies and can quote them almost as well as I can ;) She loves to ride horses and cook. She's a good reader, excellent in math, sings in the school choir and is a wonderful daughter. Nobody hugs like Savannah does, she hugs you with everything she's got.

Happy 9th Birthday to our Cubby Bear

 Disneyland 2007 , 6 yrs old
 Losing her first 2 teeth! 5 yrs old
 Butterfly project, 1st grade
 holding baby Alyssa, 6 years old
 1st day of kindergarten
 Savannah and Tigger, 6 years old
Savannah now :)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Someone got a big girl bed!

Well after months (ok, maybe a year) of holding off, Miss Alyssa finally got her big girl bed! She wasn't too sure of it tonight but she looked mighty cozy when she drifted off to sleep! All she  needs now is a lamp, nightlight and maybe a lil somethin' for her dresser to spruce things up. Here she is....

Here the sisters are, chillin' in Alyssa's new big girl pad
Cassandra let Alyssa "borrow" her Pooh bear "cuties" since Alyssa has an Eeyore comforter

comforter up close. the reverse side is a very pretty floral print
tiny girl on a big queen sized bed!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pumpkin Carving October 2010

We had a fabulous time at my in laws' house on Saturday! Nancy loves Halloween so much, she has a pumpkin carving party for all the family to come join in. My mom and sister went too this year! My dad was on a plane to Ireland so he missed out but maybe next year he can make it!

We had delicious food. OMG Nancy sure can cook up some good appetizers! We carved pumpkins, fiddled in the backyard, the kids rode the quad with Papa, we had pizza and salad and a fantastic dessert too. We rolled out the front door and home with our elastic pants good and stretched ;) Here are some of the pics, I have more coming but I figured this would get us all started! My mom took all these, she's such the photographer!

 Alyssa playing inside before we head out to gut the pumpkins
 Party guest, not sure who invited ths guy ;)
 Alyssa and Brandon playing ball in the backyard
 This guy was giving weird looks all night!?
 The kids and Brittany picking out their patterns
 Waiting on someone with a big knife to get things started!
 My niece, Allison waiting on a pumpkin

 Shane and Griffin working on his pumpkin <3
 My sister hard at work making something creepy!
 Two Sweet little pumpkins!
 My father in law, Mike, showing Griffin how real men carve pumpkins. Griffin is totally impressed!
 Looking good!
 Me, Brandon and Alyssa
 Mike and Tater
 Me and Julie
 Allison out by the horse pasture
 Alyssa and Brandon exploring the tortoise habitat

Saturday, October 9, 2010

October Pictures 2010

here are some pictures from October so far!

 Savannah got a new haircut!
 Griffin's haircut, no more chia-pet look
 he's a ham
 Savannah and her friend Sammy trying to steal the brownie cookie bars we baked together
 They have been friends since kinder, they live on our street even!
 Alyssa having her morning coffee. She's a lightweight, she needs an ice cube in hers ;)

 Feeling the buzz already, I couldn't get a steady shot of her

 Me and Shane on our way to the zoo fundraiser

Friday, October 8, 2010

Fall Break

Happy Fall Break!
Well for us anyway! So far it has been pretty low-key here. The weather is getting better (cooler) and we actually had some rain! Some of you may have heard about the tornados in nothern Arizona. We didn't get any of that down where we are. We did have heavy rain, hail, flooding. My mom has hail damage on her car from when she was at work. :( Our backyard is still standing in water but we've definitely had worse before.

We had planned to take the kids camping in Clear Creek up north but those plans got "washed away" with the storms. We are trying to come up with some fun alternative but so far we're not coming up with much. We have been going outside a lot which is good. I think we will plan some play dates and just enjoy the outdoors as much as we can!

Shane and I got to go to a really neat event at the zoo, it was called Rende~Zoo and they do it to raise money for the Phoenix Zoo. So we got to get all dressed up (thankfully Mom had a nice cocktail dress I borrowed) and go have free food and drinks. The weather was gorgeous, they had some of the zoo lights areas lit up for the event and it was just beautiful. Our friends Rusty and Annie invited us and it was fun to go with them. We went back to their house afterwards and didn't get home until 2:00 am! I haven't seen that time of night in years! My parents kept the kids overnight but sadly I had to teach Sunday School the next day so cruising on 5 hours of sleep wasn't fun BUT it was worth it! Mom took pics so I'll post those when she gets them downloaded.