Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Griffin's 11th Birthday

Griffin had a great birthday party on Saturday! He kept it low key but entertaining ;) He was sure easy to shop for this year, everything was Xbox...Xbox....Xbox!   We had the usual crowd and glorious weather! We ended up with a wonderful thunderstorm that brought us much needed rain and cooler temps. We ordered Serrano's for lunch as Griffin requested. He wanted to break the boring cake tradition with root beer floats for his sweet treat. I think everyone had a great time.

I can't believe this kid is 11. He loves motorcycles, muscle cars, big trucks, Xbox, nerf guns, a wide variety of music (even Richard Marx...I'm so impressed), Legos, math, science, snuggling, farting loudly and harassing his sisters. He also likes to snuggle with Alyssa and have camp-outs in the play room with her. Those freckles and beautiful blue eyes get him out of some hairy situations...he knows how to get to me. He also knows how to push my buttons so I guess it's a 50/50 split on how much trouble he gets into and out of. He is his father's son in many ways and I love the moments that those shine through.

Without delay...here are the pics!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


September is half way gone already! Griffin's 11th birthday is coming up on Sept. 24th. I can't believe this tiny boy is an almost 11 year old 5th grader! He is excited for his party :) No real theme, I guess he's too big for that but he did request Serrano's food for his party lunch. I am excited that I am actually subbing his class on his true birthday. I'll get to spend half the day and lunch with my little buddy ;)

I'm happy to say we've had a lot more rain this summer than in the past 20 or so. We actually had major flooding in the valley. Freeways were shut down, schools were closed down, it was a real mess! We've had some cooler days and gorgeous cloudy days. The nights are getting longer and the nighttime temps are coming down into the upper 70's. That's a real break for us! I hope we have seen the last of the 105+ temps for 2014 but I'm not positive that is the case. For the last 5 or so years it's been at least 105 for Griffin's birthday. Maybe this year will be the breaker! I remember it was stormy and cool on the night he was born. Maybe we'll get lucky and have that happen again! Have I mentioned how I can't believe how big this boy is getting!?

The kids are doing well, plugging along in school. Cassandra really enjoys high school. She's going to her first Homecoming game on Friday and the dance on Saturday. It is very different than when I was in high school...she doesn't have a date, she's going with a group of girls. We went dress shopping together with her friends and moms. Her dress is beautiful and I can't wait to show off pics of her this Saturday!

I guess there isn't much else to tell...we are just on auto pilot as we cruise through the next few weeks on our way to fall break! Those are two weeks we are ALL looking forward to! We are headed to Colorado for about a week and then have our second week of break to do nothing but relax at home! I have my fingers crossed for good weather in Arizona but I KNOW we'll have gorgeous weather in Colorado, rain or shine!

Here are some kid pics and some pics of projects I've been working on...I'm in full holiday decorating mode!

 Me and my Alyssa ready for the QCE sock hop!
 Shane and Savannah on their way out for their date night to see "The Giver"
 Griffin in his new Harley D reading glasses!
 Some vinyl projects I've been working on....

 The new buffet for my beloved seance room ;)

 Halloween wreath for a neighbor

 "home is where my heart is" painted sign :D
 Halloween subway art
 Griffin and his First Lego League team!
 More vinyl projects!