Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas Day 2015

Some years I know exactly what to get each and every person on my list. Other years are not so easy. This year was an odd mix which left me reeling right up until Christmas Eve Eve! I think that overall we had success ;) Everyone seems pretty darn happy! We had the family over for Christmas dinner and everything was delicious.

Merry Christmas Eve 2015!

Let's start with Christmas Eve!

We had a delicious dinner from our favorite Chinese restaurant! We all gathered at my parents house and took our sweet time eating, chatting and!

Mimi and Gumpy's Tree
Grandma, Diane and the girls chatting it up
Me and my sweetie, 23 Christmases together!

me and my baby sister
patiently waiting to start gifts

Savannah's Assassins Creed hoodie ;)
Freya's 9th Christmas