Sunday, August 26, 2012

The new house is moving along!

I can't believe how fast our new home is moving along! Here are some quick pictures to share :) We have 3 weeks left (we're told) until we get our keys! Everyone is super excited and I keep hoping the weather will be slightly cooler by then.

 Just waiting on a little paint touch up
 Shane and Griffin in the kitchen
 Tile :)
 Standing near the family room looking to the front door
 Downstairs bathroom
 Master Bathroom
 Upstairs family room (view from our master bedroom doorway)
Upstairs bathroom

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Our New Home 2012

After much thought and consideration, we are moving. Not far, only about a mile up the road from our current location. Here are some pics of the progress so far! Everyone is super excited :) We have an estimated completion date of September 17th and I have to say, I think they will be done on time if not before.

 Formal Living /Dining
 from the kitchen hall looking to front door
 Cassandra's bedroom
 Upstairs playroom/family room
 Savannah's Room
 Alyssa's Room
 Cassandra's Room
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 kitchen view from family room
 family room from kitchen
cabinets installed now!

So they have done major advances, I will get pictures tomorrow. The house is painted inside and out, light fixtures in, roof done, all cabinets are installed...I'm not sure what else. They are moving fast!