Saturday, December 31, 2011

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year :)

WE had a fantastic Christmas!

We spent a wonderful Xmas Eve at my in-laws' house. Shane's brother/wife/family were there too. We exchanged gifts, hung out, had dinner and a wonderful time! The weather was cold and beautiful. We went to 5:00 pm mass and I saw many people I had not seen for awhile. Between my illness in November and the kids' illness and our trip to Vegas, etc we had not been to church (or much of anywhere like THE GYM but that's a different post, LOL!)

I love the 5:00 pm service (aka the family service) because the kids are able to get pieces of the nativity and as certain Xmas carols are played, each piece of the nativity is brought up and assembled as the Xmas story is told. It is really neat and keeps the kids engaged in the service. That is also the one time of year our (brave) Father John invites ALL kids to the altar as he does the blessing, etc. EVERY kid....with lit candles, all sorts of stuff everywhere and he looks so calm. Well, this year all 4 of mine went up. Griffin was right next to Father John and got to hold a plate during the blessing. He thought he was pretty hot stuff getting that job ;) On the way home we stopped in and picked up our haul from Papa and Grandma's house and came home to get ready for Santa.

We put out peppermint bark and carrots for Santa and the reindeer :) He must have been pleased because he left  A LOT of stuff for our family! After the dust settled and we were all cleaned up, we headed to Mimi and Gumpy's house for MORE! We had a great time with gifts, a delicious dinner and wrapped it all up with a trip to the park near their new house :)

 at papa and grandma's waiting to open gifts
 my niece, allie and alyssa
 still waiting! savannah and alyssa
 FINALLY the frenzy starts!
 the back of my nephew Brandon opening his batcave!
 Alyssa's new princess 3 wheel scooter ;)

 black cows after church
me and my Shane at Mike and Nancy's

 Santa came to our house!
 Alyssa's pile
 left to right, cassandra, savannah, griffin and alyssa

 family gifts :)
 note from Santa!
 "OK mom! we are tired of waiting!"
 Monster High!
 Pokemon White
 Voodoo dolls!
 Rapunzel Tower!

Daddy's Cowboys haul <3

 Griffin's Rock Crawler
 At Mimi's new house :)

 Wii games!
 Skylander for the Wii, amazing game!
 Alyssa's Nemo book for her Tag Reader

 yay! I got 2 pairs of sketchers!!!
 Mimi and Savannah
 Daddy, Brittany and Griffin
my wonderful family <3

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

It's almost here!

Just touching base! I'm neck deep in finishing my Christmas shopping, baking and craziness! Stay safe out there :) I'll check in on Christmas Eve for  my usual sappy post and pics.


Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Tree is UP!

What a great day! We had Cassandra's bday sleep over last night! She had a great time, great friends over :) Today I had a lovely visit from my friend Kirsten, our neighbors came over with their 5 kids and decorated glittery pinecones with us and my niece, nephew. My niece and nephew are having a sleepover tonight. We watched sappy holiday movies on the Hallmark channel and put the tree up! All that AND it was 45 degrees and RAINING all day. I don't think it gets any better than that for me :)