Monday, May 9, 2016

MAY 2016

HELL YES! It's MAY! 8 school days left! I do not know who is more excited, me or the kids ;)

We've had a great spring, some beautiful weather (we've teetered on the edge of over 100 degrees already but then dipped back down to some nice temps) and lots of blooming flowers! Blooming flowers, blooming kids, the world just keeps on turning faster and faster at every blink of an eye.

Cassandra is still working. She's getting between 16 and 35 hours per week in addition to school. She's busting her ass! She's working on driving still, I have high hopes that we will really make some great progress this summer when we have an abundance of time together and much more flexibility in our schedules. She's loved at her work, they are constantly calling to ask her to help with extra shifts. They always make a point to tell me how much she is liked and respected for the work she does! She is wrapping up her 10th grade year beautifully. Can I just let you know that I'm  in shock that she'll be a JUNIOR ?? WTH?

Savannah is doing awesome! She is super excited for Comic Con in June! There are so many actors and writers she is interested in seeing! She's had a great year despite all her illness/absences. She's caught up her grades every time and is getting two awards on the last day of school. One for math and one for language arts! She doesn't know she's receiving them, I am so excited to see her face. She's reading the Hobbit in class, she used her saved up Xmas money to buy the movie trilogy and she's got me watching the movies with her. I love it because she loves it and her enthusiasm is contagious. There is a drawing class for the summer that she is very interested in, I hope we are able to get her a spot in it! It covers a lot, including anime which she is dying to get more direction on. She'll be at the high school with Cassandra...I don't even know what to say other than I'M GLAD they'll have each other!

Griffin is doing well! His grades are good after ups and downs due to absences. We've had a bitch of a year all around for illness. Stomach bugs, upper respiratory, sinus infections...we got it all, multiple times! He pulled it together and had a great year. We will sure miss his time at his current school. He had his teacher for two years in a row as the teacher went up a grade level with his class. It's hard to leave a great teacher, harder when you've had them for two years. He's improving on his long board, I don't know how much practice he'll get this summer with the heat but perhaps it will entice him to get  up early a few mornings each week to ride it. He's looking forward to a baseball camp for three days in July and trying out for the track team for 7th grade.

Alyssa is doing amazing in 3rd grade. Her year has flown by! She's settled in at her new school since December and you'd never know she was the "new kid" by the way the students and teachers greet her! It really makes me all the more positive it was the right decision to move her, what a great environment. She LOVES Minecraft! Her birthday is June 14th and she's already let me know that her party will be Minecraft themed. Thankfully Pinterest is loaded with party ideas!

Shane is busy busy and more busy! His ankle is healing well and he's getting back to his old activities which is so good to see. I've got some sign orders that he'll be cutting wood for me. He's working a lot of hours but doing great things for the District. He is taking us to the Alton Brown show this Thursday, we are so excited!

I'm doing well, subbing has been BUSY but wonderful! I've been volunteering in the special ed class as well which is always my happy place. I'm running for the school board, I start collecting signatures tomorrow. This will be an interesting adventure!

Everything else is moving along, I hear Shane and Cassandra getting  home from work so I am off for kisses :)