Sunday, May 26, 2013

March~April~May pictures!

 Easter 2013!
 The Easter Bunny did a great job making the center piece and leaving baskets!

 Cupcake design 101 with my friend Nicole
 Daddy and Lyssa
 Savannah after a successful shopping spree :)
 Getting ready for the awards assembly at school!
Front yard is DONE! :D

May 2013

We survived the end of the school year! We went out with a bang, all 3 big kids were on the honor roll at their respective schools! Not bad for a year with some major ups and downs. Our official last day was May 23rd and we wasted no time starting with the fun! We've had sleepovers, been to the movies, and out to dinner. I'm so glad Shane has Memorial Day off so we all have one more extra day together!

It's getting hot here. I realize this is no surprise to any of you but I feel like I must point it out. We've hovered around the high 90's and low 100's for a couple of weeks now. The nights are still nice, 60's and 70's. We keep getting windy days which is great for keeping the heat bearable but not so great for the allergies!

We are ready to get back to the gym, get to swimming every week! We had this routine last summer and it was super helpful to keep me in the routine of working out and rewarding the kids with swimming afterwards :) A win/win situation. Shane and I are getting ready for our 15 year wedding anniversary on June 6th. My parents are taking the kids for us so we can go to Disneyland to celebrate! We are super excited!! Alyssa's 6th birthday is June 14th, we have her party all set for the 15th. She wanted to do the new My Little Ponies theme. It should be pretty cute with all the decorations I got for it and all the ideas from Pinterest. :D  Father's Day is the day after her party and I've got all my ideas set, just have to get them rolling.

The house looks great! The backyard is done and growing like crazy. We have beautiful rose bushes, trees, flower planters...the works! We love being out there :) Shane painted Cassandra's bedroom purple on 3 walls and 1 chalkboard paint wall. It looks pretty awesome! He did a hallway grey as a trial run. It looks awesome, I think that will be our color for the majority of the living areas. The bedrooms will all be different colors. I have an idea for the kitchen and the formal dining/living area and kids bathrooms but everything else, the grey color. It will be a nice change after everything being brown in our last 2 houses.

I did get all my sub teaching paperwork done about 3 weeks before school was finishing up. I actually was called to work the first day I was available! I had a great time and loved getting to go in. I had to turn down a lot of offers as they were full day and Alyssa had only half day kinder. Next year when she's in 1st grade (sniff) I will be able to take all day positions. Looks like I have a shot at being pretty busy, I signed up at 5 schools in our district.

I will be back to add some pictures soon!