Saturday, May 12, 2012

May 2012

I cannot BELIEVE that it is May already! What is even worse is that I haven't posted since Disneyland in March!

So much has gone on here. We have been super busy with many things. First, the kids are doing great! School is almost over, May 24th is our last day! We are not lacking for end of the year activities though. Cassandra has a orchestra performance this week on Thursday. We have a PTO meeting Tuesday, McDonalds Spirit Night on Weds! The following week we have Savannah's 4th grade music performance on Monday, PTO spaghetti dinner and Savannah's historical "wax museum" on Tuesday, awards ceremony on Wednesday and last day celebrations on Thursday! HOLY COW

Griffin made his AR Goal, a HUGE ordeal! Savannah gets a field trip to the pool for her 4th grade treat :) Cassandra gets a movie day and a pool day for good grades. All in all, a nice way to wrap up the year! Alyssa is doing well, she seems ready to have all her siblings home :) I am so ready too!

I am still hitting the gym for zumba 2x a week. I also try to lift weights with Shane 2x a week. I think I may shift things up and add a cycle class on Friday's to go with my cardio. I have 9 lbs left to lose at this point and then I reach my first goal weight. I plan to hold it for a year and then try to lose the other 10 lbs. Waiting a full year may sound odd but believe me, when you've focused so much on weight loss for the past 2.5 years you need a break! I look forward to weight maintance for a year and just focusing on tightening some things up and enjoying exercise for FUN for awhile :) the gym has an awesome pool with slides that the kids really enjoy so i hope we can stick to the 4 day a week routine.

Shane is doing well, working hard and keeping busy. He is taking on more responsibilities at work and doing very well at it.

We decided to make a bold move and buy a new house. We love our home but are no longer in love with the financial investment we have monthly with it. We are selling it and purchasing a bigger home on a smaller lot. We haven't been able to do the things we invisioned on our acre horse property and it makes more sense to have a bit bigger home and less land. We are all excited about the new adventure :)