Sunday, September 2, 2012


September already!? The days sure are flying by. We are finally to the "end" of summer, I swear there is hope for cooler temps just on the horizon. On one hand, I am usually cranky this time of year because I'm just done with the heat. I'm ready for some sort of temperature break. On the other hand, this is the leading edge of my favorite time of year. September starts our "birthday rush" as we have no less than 2 family birthdays every month from now until March. I am so ready to be in our new home and get it decorated and ready for holidays :)

We are having a wonderful Labor Day weekend! We started out our Friday night seeing Andy, Julie and the kids for dinner at Matta's. Julie is all registered  for GRADUATION from the University of Phoenix in November! I am so excited for her! She will be doing  her Masters program at ASU and I know that she is super excited about that. The rest of the weekend is packing and some cleaning. I am so ready! It is hard to believe we have our first "walk through" on September 7th to go over anything that needs touched up or fixed. Then they install carpet and we do the final walk through the 17th. We should have our keys the 18th and we can start moving in!

Mom and Dad are on vacation, they have hit some really neat places. Colorado, Yosemite, Lake Tahoe, beaches, etc. She texts me beautiful pictures, I'm so glad they are having fun ;) Brittany and Elijah are moving into their new apartment this month too. Lots of big changes going on.

The kids are great! Cassandra has her first orchestra concert this month on the 19th. She is so excited. Savannah is doing a great job learning her violin, she and Cassandra practice together sometimes. Griffin is doing great in 3rd grade...he loves it! Alyssa is doing great with learning her sight words, etc. Everyone just got their progress reports and they are doing fantastic!

4 weeks until fall break!

I would post more about Shane and myself but I hear the coffee pot beeping to let me know it's ready...I'll part with a few pictures.


 Cassandra's new haircut, 6 inches shorter ;)