Thursday, March 15, 2012

Disneyland !!!!

We had a great week in Disneyland! We were long overdue for a Disneyland visit. Our last trip there was for Christmas 2009. This is the longest Disney break we've taken in probably 17 or so years. We had a great time! The weather was beautiful, the first few days weren't too croweded. Things got busy on Sunday and Monday. Tuesday was better :)

This was a great trip with a lot of "firsts" for Alyssa. Her first time on Splash Mtn, Space Mtn, Goofy's Flight School, Big Thunder Railroad. She really enjoyed all of it! She still loved Pirates and Haunted Mansion for her "old" standby rides ;) Savannah rode Indiana Jones and Space Mtn for the first time, Cassandra rode Tower of Terror for the first time. We ate a lot of good food and I got to OD on Mint Juleps...just like I swore I would ;) So rather than blabbing on about the great trip and the fantastic hotel I will just post a lot of pics!!! You can opt to click on the first pic and view them larger, like a slideshow but without the captions :)

 Our home away from home ;)
 First day on Main Street!
 Matterhorn Mtn, under renovation :(
 Haunted Mansion
 Patiently waiting in line for our Doombuggy!
 Storybook Land boat ride

 Big Thunder Railroad
 Waiting to eat!
 Relaxing on the train ride around Disneyland
 Haunted Mansion ride again!
 Winnie the Pooh ride and Griffin's cheeks full of CHURRO
 Storybook Land boats
 Near pooh corner
 me and Savannah in our clam shell on the Ariel's Adventure ride
 Alyssa and Shane watching Phineas and Ferb
 Phineas and Ferb!
 Us and Woody
 She loved the carousel
 Savannah and Griffin with Sailor Mickey
 Got her shirt with her dad for riding Tower of Terror!
 Shane and the kids with their very cool face paintings!

 our a-m-a-z-i-n-g dinner at Blue Bayou inside the POTC ride

 splash mtn
 pooh ride!
 us by our favorite make-out spot, snow white's wishing well ;)

 Boneheads on Tortuga Island
 OOOO we found Will's Blacksmith shop ;)

the end!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

March..more pics!

Here are a few pics I had on Facebook that I forgot to share!

 Savannah, Griffin and Alyssa on the way to Mining Camp for dinner with Amanda and Mike!
 Me, Mike and Amanda at Mining Camp
 Waiting on dinner ;)
 Shane, Me, Amanda and Mike
Me and my Julie!

Our friends from New Hampshire came for a visit on their honeymoon! We had a great time taking them around town and to Tombstone, Tucson. The kids loved meeting them and we were so sad to send them back home.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Time is flying!

I cannot believe that my last blog post was so long ago! Everything has been great here, keeping busy and mostly out of trouble! I've been hitting the gym 4 days a week with only Wednesdays off. Alyssa has been a real trooper about going with me! The kids have been helping more around the house with cleaning and laundry... a really nice surprise ;) The dogs are good, getting big...still super hairy ;) Shane is great, work has been busy but he's been getting a lot done.

We had a wonderful January! I had a great birthday :) and a nice, smooth month overall. February was busy with Brittany's birthday, Valentine's Day, Mom's birthday and PTO stuff. We had class parties for Valentine's Day, lots of crafts at home and at school! February really flew by, we shot right in to March which is moving equally as fast! Our good friends Mike and Amanda came to visit all the way from New Hampshire. They got married on Feb. 25th and went to Vegas for their honeymoon. They swung over to Arizona to visit us for 5 days. We did some outings around home, took them to Tombstone and the Pima County Air Museum. Overall, a great visit!

We are getting ready to leave for Disneyland the end of this week. Spring Break is March 12th through the 23rd. We are super excited to be going, we haven't been there since December 2009!!!!! That's the longest break we've taken from Disney in many years. The kids are super excited! Shane and I are hoping to get our  next tattoo done during spring break, after we return from Disneyland. We've been waiting patiently and are so ready to have them done.

I think that is the update for now.

 Cassandra and Alyssa visiting Mr. Scremin's Farm

 Savannah and Mayor of QC as she receives a Star Student award

 Our Love Bugs Craft
 Rainbow pancake morning!
 Griffin on the computer they got for Xmas
 Super Bowl party at Mike and Nancy's!
 Me and Shane at the Super Bowl party
 Savannah and Alyssa at the 4th gr. Valentine Party
 Griffin at the 2nd gr. Valentine Party!
 Me and Alyssa goofing around
 President's Day holiday at the park!!!!
 Me and Shane, enjoying his day off ;)

Us riding at the Super Bowl party