Thursday, September 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Griffin

Happy Birthday Griffin! I can't believe my baby is 6 years old today at 8:48 pm. Griffin has been a great source of humor, entertainment, love and sometimes frustration in his 6 years of life. It seems so strange that it feels like he was just born yesterday and yet he looks so much older to me. Older than his years, if that makes sense.
Griffin has grown a lot this past year. He is a good brother. He's less of an instigator than he was before. He is protective of his sisters both big and small. He is Alyssa's best friend. He argues with me less. There is still an undying need for bartering when dealing with Griffin but it's less feverish than it used to be. He falls down to a fit less now often :)
He is flourishing in school. He has friends, girlfriends even. He is quite the Cassanova which is a trait he does not get from his father. And that's ok. He is sensitive and caring even when he's making me want to drive an ice pick through my eye. He is quite the entertainer to us all. My "Jim Carrey" in dwarf form. He is everything I could have ever dreamed for him to be. He is brave and kind and cares about others. He still loves motorcycles and tractors. He tells me over and over that "someday Gumpy will take me out to the bar on a motorcycle for my first beer" which I have no idea where he got the part about going to a bar...but it's hilarious still. He's very into legos and building things. I told him maybe he'd be an architect. He asked me if Architects ride Harleys or tractors and I told him "yes and they marry Victoria's Secret models too" so he seems interested in the idea.
So Happy Birthday to my baby and the wonderful boy you are!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Alyssa Sleeps

here's my baby taking a nap. she looked too cute to pass up taking pictures!

I have an awesome video of her in the aftermath of her date with a full bottle of baby powder. Sadly, it has a lot of naked baby bits in it so if you want to see the hilarious video then email me or leave a comment and I'll email it to you.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Pictures Galore!

Today we finally got some rain! It rained for almost 2 hours with lots of great lightning and thunder! This is our front walk ^
This is off the front porch^ The rain was just about to the sidewalk level

This is the rain pouring off our roof spouts

This is the Lake Leonard Backyard

This is the playset that was going to be assembled today :)

Good rain finally!

Alyssa and Shane as she coaxes him off the game for a bit

She's playing hard to get~something I've never learned to do :)

It pays off for her!

Alyssa making "funny faces"

"I surrender!"

She's got the giggles

Looks like someone got caught, doing what..I don't know!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Random Update

Hello everyone!

I know it's been awhile since I did an update. I haven't taken many pictures as of late so I don't have anything new to share there.

Everyone is doing well here. Alyssa and I had a little cold for about a week but we're pretty much over it now. Alyssa is having bad dreams at night and that makes for some rough sleep in our bed (because that's where she ends up when she's scared!) Last night her dreams were about frogs biting her toes off. I don't know how to address that to a 2 year old! Other than that she's doing great. We're making more use of our time together working on our colors, shapes and counting more in depth. She's having fun but you can tell when she's "done" and ready to just play something without all the quizzing by mom!

The big kids are great! We just got progress reports last week. The girls had straight A's. Both of them have at least one subject that is over 100% due to their extra credit they take advantage of. That was pretty cool! Griffin has all E's (excellent) and one S for satisfactory :) HE is loving his class and has 2 girlfriends. Madison and Kaylee. His birthday is coming up this month and he's having a Pirate Party. He's inviting his girlfriends and his 2 best boy buddies too. Cassandra was student of the month for August. Her teacher wrote the sweetest things about her. I feel very lucky to have had him for her 3rd grade teacher last year. It made this year very smooth to jump into. We have our first break for the year coming up the first 2 weeks of October. It sure is moving fast!

Shane is good, working hard as usual! He has quite a bit done in the backyard. We are just waiting to do the smaller rock before putting all new grass down too. He's been a good helper every evening with kids' homework, baths, etc. I'm doing fine too, still on Weight Watchers and exercising 3x a week. Alyssa is really good for me while I am doing those things so that helps! I figure I'll just keep plugging along as long as it takes for WW. It's slow but good to be having it come off.

So that's about it! Not terribly exciting I know but I just wanted to say hi!